13 Ways To Get Free Money Right Now (fast)

While getting your hands on *actual* free money seems elusive and scam-ridden, we’re here to let you in on the secret.

In fact, tons of companies are willing to hand over free cash, gift cards, and PayPal deposits for simply trying their services ONCE. To help you avoid even 1 second of wasted time, we’ve rounded up our favorite (and easiest) ways to get free money from home now!

When you pair your credit or debit cards to Dosh, you will start getting cash back at these locations: – Walmart – 3% Cash Back – Target – 1.5% Cash Back

Dosh –Claim $1 Now

When you place an order online (at Amazon for instance): – Not only will Rakuten add coupons to your order – Not only will Rakuten offer you free cash-back on your order

Rakuten/Ebates –Claim $10 Now

There’s a reason Ibotta is the #1 cash-back-on-groceries app in US—it pays great, it’s easy to use, and it’s fast.

Ibotta –Claim $20 Now

CoinOut is a Shark-Tank product with an extraordinary promise: Get Free Cash Back from *any* retailer when you take a picture of your receipt.

CoinOut App–From Shark Tank

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