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Is Wikibuy by Capital One Legit? Is it Safe? Wikibuy Review

Have you seen those Facebook ads telling you not to shop Amazon without using a particular money-saving service? I saw them and ignored them, that is, until I started writing for Budgeting Couple.

I signed up for Wikibuy by Capital One, and I am amazed at how seamless the service works and how it makes me a more informed buyer (and when I say “informed,” I mean I don’t have to pay as much, so that’s more money in my pocket).

What is Wikibuy

Is Wikibuy by Capital One Legit? Is it Safe? Wikibuy Review

Trying to find the best way to describe Wikibuy is difficult because it does so many things to save you money and reward you with gift cards.

However, in the broadest sense, it is an online shopping comparison tool. Wikibuy scans its database of thousands of websites to give you a list of current prices from top retailers (It also takes taxes and shipping into account). Then it’s as simple as buying from the retailer who is offering your product at the lowest price.

How Can I Get Wikibuy

Wikibuy is free. You can install a browser extension to your computer or download the mobile app. It really is that simple to put your savings on autopilot. 

When you download the mobile app, it will ask you what are a few of your favorite stores or online shopping sites (like Walmart, eBay, and Kohl’s). Knowing this will help Wikibuy find deals at the places where you like to shop.

How to Use Wikibuy

The Wikibuy browser add-on makes saving money effortless. Click to add it to your browser (like Chrome, Edge or Firefox), and you’re done.  You will never know it’s there. That is, until there is a money saving opportunity. As you shop online, Wikibuy will alert you to discount codes and and other ways to save money. 

Tell Wikibuy if you are an Amazon Prime member. Wikibuy will take your Prime Free Shipping into account when it’s searching for the retailer that will offer you the cheapest price on a product you want.

Link a credit card for online shopping. Wikibuy is a Capital One company, so naturally you will save even more money when you link your credit card to the app. Link your credit card so you don’t miss out on saving up to 20%.

10 Ways to Save Using Wikibuy by Capital One

Wikibuy is an online shopping comparison tool, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 10 ways Wikibuy can save you money:

1. Find Better Prices When Shopping Amazon

While you peek at the price, scope out the specs, and read the reviews, Wikibuy searches Amazon and thousands of other sites to curate a list of retailers and their current prices for the product you’re looking for. It takes into account taxes and shipping to give you a true picture of which retailer on their list will save you the most money.

If it finds a lower prices elsewhere, just click on the button to follow it to greater savings. I was looking at purchasing a second monitor, and it found one for $41 less, 11% cheaper than the Amazon price.

2. Wikibuy Shows You the Price History of a Product

When you purchase stocks, what does everybody tell you: Buy low and sell high, right? Wikibuy’s price history feature will give you the skinny on whether you are buying high or buying low. If the price has dropped, then you might want to jump on it.

As you analyze the price history more and more, you will see prices do not stay down for long. If you want to buy a pair of earbuds and see they jumped up $7, you can add the item to your Wikibuy watchlist, and it will track the price and alert you when it drops by 5%. 

3. Wikibuy Points Out Similar Products Users Bought Instead

If all Wikibuy did was give us the peace of mind we were getting a great price, that would be enough. But, it does something else that is sort of mind-blowing. Wikibuy analyzes trends and instantly delivers shopping insights to you. Discover what percentage of shoppers looked at the same product as you and actually bought it.

Wikibuy will also tell you what products they purchased instead which will give you a list of Top Alternatives. Among the alternatives presented to me, the monitor that caught my eye captured 3% of the views, but none of the sales compared to the list of similar products. This feature shows people’s preferences and where they chose to invest their money. 

4. Wikibuy Automatically Applies Coupons To Thousands Of Sites

OK, you know the dance. You shop online and you are about to check out, however, you notice something that gives you pause: Enter promo code. Promo code? There is a promo code? So, what do you do? You open up a new tab on your browser, go to Google, enter {store name} + “promo code” and you sift through all those coupon sites.

You know the sites — the ones that say, “this coupon was last used today.” So you enter the promo code only to discover “promo code invalid.” Wikibuy will search for promo codes for you and automatically apply it to your order. If there is a valid promo code in their database for your order, they will find it. Never open another tab and do the promo code dance again.

5. Wikibuy Offers You Credits Back From Popular Sites Like Walmart And Ebay

When you are on a partner site, an alert will pop up asking you if you want to activate Wikibuy credits. After you click the button, you will see it turn from “activating” to “activated.” Once activated, you will earn credits. These credits will be a percentage back for shopping at a partner site. And, you can later redeem those credits for gift cards. Earn $5 in rewards, then grab a $5 gift card.

How does Wikibuy Cash Back Work?

If you want to get cash back, you will need to link a credit card. You will earn rewards every time you make a qualified purchase using your linked card. The credits earned can be redeemed for gift cards, or you can apply the credits to purchases made through Wikibuy.

6. Save Money Using Wikibuy’s Universal Product Search

Wikibuy by Capital One Mobile App

To harness the full power of Wikibuy’s shopping insights, use Universal Product Search. Enter a product you want to buy into search, and Wikibuy will tell you which stores have that item and the price at which they are selling it. It truly does make you a more informed shopper.

7. Wikibuy Saves You Money by Monitoring Prices

Use price-drop alerts. When you tap into the universal product search or look up items on Amazon, you will be able to research the price history. If you see the price has fluctuated and it is higher than it has been, then you can click the W+ symbol or click the “Add to Watchlist” button and let Wikibuy monitor the price for you. When the price drops, it will send you an alert.

8. Wikibuy Saves You Money With Featured Offers

Who doesn’t like special deals? With Wikibuy, they come in the form of Featured Offers in the app or on the homepage. It might be a higher percentage off (recent offers ranged from 10% to 80% off) or cash back (like $25 for signing up for a VIP service).

9. Wikibuy Will Show You Trending Deals (More Credits Earned!)

Trending Deals will show you how to earn cash back at a variety of online retailers. JCPenney recently offered 9% in Wikibuy Credits, and Travelocity offered $10 cash back. With so many sales going on during the holidays, it is a great time to stack savings and earn credits that can be redeemed for gift cards.

10. Wikibuy Will Show You Local Offers that Will Save You Money

This is a nice feature because you can patronize and support local businesses. You can find these local offers online or in the app. View the deal, and click on the button to claim your cash back/credit reward.

How Does Wikibuy Work

Is Wikibuy by Capital One Legit? Is it Safe? Wikibuy Review

Wikibuy aggregates a lot of shopping data and harnesses the shopping experience of more than two million shoppers to find the killer deals and coupon codes. Here is how Wikibuy describes what it does: 

  1. Wikibuy gets you better offers
  2. It automatically applies a valid coupon code at checkout 
  3. Wikibuy lets you know when prices drop on products you’ve viewed

How Does Wikibuy Make Money?

Wikibuy is paid a commission from retailers and brands when customers like us choose to buy a product at a lower price discovered by their service. It alerts us to these deals through its app, its website, emails, and other forms of notifications. Wikibuy also shares targeted offers from retailers and brands.

How Does Wikibuy Make You Money

If you buy three things monthly online, Wikibuy says you can save $219 a year. Is this making you money? If you are buying things you normally buy, and you shell out $200 less than expected, it’s real savings that can be used to make a car payment, pay off a credit card, or deposited in a high-interest savings account.

Another way Wikibuy makes you money is through the credit rewards program. Wikibuy is a Capital One company, so naturally, Wikibuy has a credit rewards program. Link your credit card to Wikibuy. When you purchase through one of its partner stores, you will earn a percentage of your purchase back.

When you make a purchase through one of its partner stores and the credit reward function is activated, then you will earn a percentage of your purchase back when you buy with a linked credit card. When you have earned enough credits, you can redeem them for a gift card. You can also use your credit rewards to offset the cost of a purchase through a partner retailer.

What’s the Difference Between Mobile and Desktop Versions

Whether you are on your phone, laptop or desktop computer, you can tap into the savings and cash back from Wikibuy. All you need to do is install the browser extension on your computer and download the app on your iOS- or Android-based phone.

When you take advantage of the browser extension, Wikibuy is able to work seamlessly in the background seeking out lower prices. It also tests out coupon codes used by other members of the Wikibuy community. When one of us uses a valid coupon code, then it becomes available to Wikibuy’s 2 million users. And, these coupon codes cover thousands of online retailers, not just Amazon.

When you use the mobile app, you will conduct searches for products. A list of the latest prices will populate your screen from partner retailers. And, always check the Local section to help out local businesses. In my region, there were a number of restaurants I discovered and wanted to try. Wikibuy can open up new experiences for you. Who knows, you might discover a new favorite restaurant and enjoy 4% cash back.

And one more thing you have to try: After you download the app, scan a barcode to see what kind of deals you can find. When I was checking out the app, I scanned the barcode from a relatively obscure book on my desk by one of my former college professors. I was shocked when it knew the book and Wikibuy saved shoppers an average of $4 (more than 10%). In order to check out the barcode scanner on the mobile app, just select the search function on the bottom of your screen. Then, it’s just a matter of point-and-shoot.

Is Wikibuy Legit

Wikibuy was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2014, and Capital One acquired it in 2018. The service has grown to more than 2 million users, and they have saved about $50 million in purchases, according to the company. 

It has an Excellent rating on Trustpilot, having earned 4.5 out of 5 stars. Out of the 1,657 ratings in late December 2019, 95% of them (1,576 to be exact), said Wikibuy was Excellent. In total, 97% say Wikibuy is Excellent or Great.

Is Wikibuy Safe

Capital One is in the financial industry, and like most fintech companies, keeping your information safe and secure is of the utmost importance. Wikibuy collects information to optimize your savings and shopping experience. This allows it to offer such comprehensive information to you so you can save as much as possible.

Wikibuy is a great way to keep more of your money in your pocket, so when Capital One asks you, “What’s in your wallet,” you can say, “Money!”

Be sure to install the Wikibuy browser extension and download the mobile app so you no longer have to pay a penny more than necessary.

>>Click here to install the (free) Wikibuy browser (direct link) Available on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and the Microsoft Store.

>>Click here to download the (free) Wikibuy mobile app (direct link) Available iOS and Android devices.

*Wikibuy compensates us when you sign up for Wikibuy using the links we provided*

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