It’s common to be blind to our own bad habits. And when those bad habits involve spending money, it’s no question that life will feel like a constant financial struggle.

Let’s shine some light onto some simple bad habits that keep you poor. We’ll give you some practical advice on how to overcome them so that you can start growing your savings every month.

Breaking Bad Money Habits for Beginners! Easy Personal Finance Tips.

1. Blind spending

If you don’t manage your money, spending it is a guessing game.

“This is cheap. I can afford it.” 

“This is expensive. I cannot afford it” 

But when you comb through your bank statements, you realize that “affordable” purchases add up quickly! 

Thousands of dollars can be lost every month on small, insignificant transactions. It was a cheap restaurant; the alcohol was on sale; I can charge that to my credit card.

Blind spending is mentally and emotionally challenging. You’re always running on empty. You never have enough for the things you actually need. You’re continually frustrated that you don’t make more money. 

Try setting up a plan to strategically spend your income. (It really doesn’t take that much time or effort.) Add up the costs of your fixed expenses. Know what you can spend at your leisure while still growing your savings. 

You may be surprised by what your money can do when it is spent mindfully. 

Money Habits That Keep you Poor! Best Money Saving Methods.

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2. Excess Social Media 

Time is one of your biggest assets when it comes to growing your wealth. If excessive time is being lost to social media, this bad habit will keep you poor. 

Not to mention, social media is filled with ads. Content creators recommend their favorite products (on sale!). The reason social media is free is because it gets us to spend money. 

Try to limit your time on the apps to save yourself valuable time and money.

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3. You Don’t Use Free-Money Apps

There are a few apps and services that offer free money. Here are some of our favorite cash back apps and services (they are all free to use):

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  • Dosh: If you want to put cash-back rewards on autopilot, then Dosh is the app you want. Link your credit and debit cards, and you automatically earn cash-back rewards at participating retailers. It truly is that easy. Download the free Dosh app and watch the cash dash in.
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4. Ignoring Problems

We don’t like our to-do list because the tasks are not exciting. The tasks are maintenance. They take effort. They cut into our free time.

What better way to ignore our to-do list than to zone out with some social media and online shopping.

Online shopping numbs our minds to our responsibilities. That’s not to say that there is something wrong with online shopping, but if we habitually do it to ignore our problems, our to-do list starts to pile up, and our bank accounts drain. Anxiety spiral!

Choose to fill your day! Set boundaries to keep yourself moving forward. Limit your screen time. Actually keep a to-do list of things that need to get done so you don’t lose motivation trying to think of something to do. 

Know that filling your day also includes rest. Get ready for bed on time for good sleep. Give yourself free time to do whatever… play videogames, watch tv, scroll social media, or do some online shopping. 

If you have designated rest time, it’s easier to say “not now” to mindless scrolling when it is time to be productive. The best way to grow your savings is to make good use of your time. 

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5. Keeping a Cluttered Home

Decluttering can actually do wonders for your savings account. As you declutter, you realize that a lot of the stuff you buy interferes with the function of your home. You realize that it is your stuff that causes a lot of unnecessary stress and irritation. 

What’s more, stuff costs money!

As you open up space in your home, the desire to buy more stuff loosens its grip. 

Because where is new stuff going to go? You finally got that area of the counter cleared and you love the functionality. 

Try decluttering. You will save money as your home becomes functional, efficient, spacious, and easier to clean. How satisfying.

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6. Not Noticing the Desire to Buy

To overcome your overspending habit, it’s important to be aware of your desire for more. 

Notice what situations send you into a compulsive online shopping mode. Notice your emotional response to not allowing yourself to buy what you want. 

Becoming more aware of these feelings, thoughts, and emotions are paramount to overcoming your overspending habit. 

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To deal with a challenging moment, know that your mental dialog (all of the blaming , complaining, etc) is feeding into your pain and making it worse. So you’ve got to drop the dialog.

A good way to shut down those thoughts is to turn your attention to whatever is happening now. Feel yourself breathing. Listen to the sounds around you. Turn your focus towards whatever you can sense right now. This quiets mental dialog. 

When you can quiet the dialog, the challenging emotions pass through much more easily.

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7. Assuming Things Will Not Change

Everything is changing. Nothing is fixed. On what basis can you draw the conclusion that, “it will always be this way?”

Stay curious. Be open to new money-making ideas. Investigate interesting opportunities. Maybe it’s an ad on the radio. Maybe it’s a co-worker talking about a book. Maybe it’s a continuing education opportunity.

When something has you feeling inspired, don’t shut it down. Notice that spark of curiosity and start investigating. 

Things are always changing. Might as well guide change in the direction you prefer. 

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