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Dave Ramsey often says he has been broke, but he’s never been poor. “There’s a difference between being poor and being broke,” Ramsey said. “Poor is a state of mind; broke is I’m passing through.”

Ramsey sees three basic reasons people are poor: 

  1. Their government is corrupt, and there is no economy to participate in.
  2. People are oppressed and taken advantage of.
  3. People make bad decisions with their money and lives.

We don’t have much control over Nos. 1 and 2, but we have a lot of control when it comes to No. 3, the decisions we make.

1. Check Your Diet

Food is dang expensive. So if you’re eating more than necessary, it’s costing you… a lot.

To save money on food, try counting your calories. By limiting your eating to what your body needs, you’ll save a money on food AND get healthy. Talk about a win-win.

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2. “Save What Remains” Does Not Work

Do not wait to save money at the end of the month! “Save what remains” is not a saving strategy that works.

Instead, make it habit to save money before you spend it. When your paycheck hits your checking account, transfer 5% of that money into your savings account. Then do not touch it! It’s your emergency fund. Discipline yourself to live on what remains, and your emergency fund will grow.

Saves Money Faster With High-Interest Banking

How much do banks pay in interest? The national average is 0.08%. That’s nothing. $10,000 in savings will earn you $8 in interest after one year. Whoop-die-doo…

Don’t be average. Bank smart. Put your money into a high-yield savings account like CIT’s Savings Builder. Last I checked, the Savings Builder interest rate was 15X the national average. That’s a boost your emergency fund will feel. See the CIT banner below for Savings Builder’s current interest rate.

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3. Refusing to Create and Live on a Budget

I know guys hate asking for directions (thank goodness we have GPS on our phones). If you don’t have a budget, it’s like planning a trip across the country to a destination you’ve never visited and expecting to arrive without a hitch.

If you have no clue how much you pay out in bills every month or how much you earn, then kiss getting ahead good-bye. It’s not going to happen. Make a list of all your expenses and when they are due. Mark down when you get paid, and how much you will take home. Then, work to make sure you have enough money to pay your bills on time. Set aside money each pay period to pay the rent (or mortgage) and car payment. Be sure to budget money for savings.

If this sounds way too complicated, simplify it with the Charlie app. Charlie employs artificial intelligence to help you understand your financial situation. Take the guesswork out of the numbers. Charlie will help you budget, come to grips with what you spend, and encourage you to save. Here is the mission of Charlie: “I work to turn personal finance into a personal victory.”

How much would you expect to pay for this kind of high-tech service?

Download the app for free. The average user saves $80 a week. The less you spend and the more you save, the quicker you get ahead and stay out of the poor house.

4. Going into Debt Because You Spend More than You Earn

I get it, sometimes there just ain’t enough money. So, what do you do? Charge your purchases to a credit card. You buy a home you really cannot afford. You buy a car that’s out of your price range, but you just can’t live without it.

You will remain broke and poor if you don’t change your ways. Get that budget done. If you want more help, I am sure one of these 13 budgeting tools can assist you.

One of the 13 tools is Dosh, a free app that says it is “the easiest money you’ve ever made.” And, it’s true. Just link a credit or debit card to the app, and when you use it at participating retailers, you will earn cash back. I bought some bagels at a local restaurant in Orlando, and Dosh informed me in minutes that I earned $2.

Download Dosh for free, and start earning cash back. Here’s just a sample:

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club, up to $40 cash back
  • Aeropostale, 4%
  • Instacart grocery delivery, 2%
  • Sam’s Club, 3%
  • Disney+, up to $16 back

5. Making Impulse Purchases

This is a tough one. You are in the grocery store, all your items have been placed on the belt, you have your Ibotta app open, and you reach over to grab a candy bar. This represents a small impulse buy, but we make bigger ones, don’t we?

Sometimes the impulse is to go out for dinner because you are too tired to cook. Sometimes the impulse buy is a new smartphone because the latest model came out. After all, a $1,000 phone to use for a year is totally worth it.

These impulse buys, if left unchecked, will keep you in the poor house. How can you avoid these kinds of purchases? Just put the money in your budget. My wife and I used to have a policy that we could spend up to $50 without asking if it was OK. Now, we only spend money if it is in the budget.

Buying things will not make or keep you poor. Making purchases that are not in the budget will. Work the numbers and put money in your budget. And, if you are going to shop online, especially at Amazon, add Wikibuy, a browser extension. On Amazon, never spend a single cent more than you have to. Before you check out, Wikibuy will let you know if there is another retailer offering a better price.

And, when you shop online, it will alert you to promo code opportunities. I was on to look for a camera strap, and Wikibuy popped up and let me know about a 2% off coupon. So, I activated it.

Add the Wikibuy browser extension for free and be an informed shopper.

6. Wasting Time and not Improving Your Skills

Just as we always have money for fast food or coffee but not for savings, it seems like we always have time for video games and Facebook, but not to improve our skills. Many governors issued stay-at-home orders, but how many really spent that free time learning new skills to be better positioned to earn more money when the economy opened up?

The founders of were on different career tracks until they took a course on launching a blog, driving Pinterest traffic, and becoming a six-figure blogger. They gave up professional careers in health care (one for people, the other for animals) to improve their skill sets. It changed their lives forever.

If you always wanted to start a blog, you can purchase the Pro Blogger Bundle for the ultimate course in being a successful blogger.

Don’t have the money to invest in a blogging course right now? Do YouTube searches to learn new skills. Use search terms like “how to start a blog” or “how to launch a blog.”

There’s no reason for your life to be status quo. Shape your future by learning new skills today.

7. Failing to Learn from Mistakes

I have made a lot of mistakes in life. College was start and stop for me. I finally earned a bachelor’s degree by the time I was 34 years old. Most have theirs by the time they are 22 or 23. So, my opportunity for tremendous income growth was severely limited because it took me so long to get a degree.

I eventually discovered what I wanted to do, but it took a while. I was terrible with money until I took a Dave Ramsey course with my wife. It was later in life before I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck.

Consider each mistake an opportunity to learn something new. Thomas Edison once said: “Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying.”

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Make a Plan Today to Improve Yourself

You have a chance today to turn things around. If you have struggled with money, then it is time to change that.

Download apps like Ibotta to save on groceries and earn cash back.

If you shop online, then add the Wikibuy browser extension to your computer. There is no need in paying more than you have to.

Take control of your life by taking control of your finances. Get out of the poor house, stay out of the poor house, and live the life you have always imagined.

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