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Wise women understand that it’s not always how much you make, but how much you spend. Being careful with your money — whether it’s shopping for groceries, subscribing to streaming services, or buying a vehicle — can result in keeping more money in your purse.

Let’s uncover 7 Habits of Women Who Always Have Money:

Better Money Habit 1: She Budgets For Everything

If you want money, you need to accumulate money. Really think about what that means. Every time you get a paycheck, you must spend less than you earn. Accumulate money.

What’s the best way to accumulate money? You need a financial plan to spend less than you earn. That’s a budget. Set up your budget to live on 90% of your income and put the remaining 10% into your savings. You can do that! Maybe you can save 20% and live on 80%. Maybe you can save 30% and live on 70%. Set up a proper budget, and you will discover what’s possible.

Empower: The Perfect Budget For Women

If you’re not sure how to budget, check out the Empower app because they’ve actually made budgeting easy. Select the Empower budget categories you want to track, set budget limits to spend less than you earn, and Empower will keep your money on track for growth.

You’ll get real-time alerts when your budget approaches spending limits, and monthly reports to track just how much money Empower is helping you accumulate.

If you want to always have money, accumulate money with Empower.

Learn more about the Empower app here, and sign up for your free 30-day trial.

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Better Money Habit 2: She is a Cash Back Queen

Are you taking advantage of cash back apps? Why not? They’re free to download, and they make it easy to earn free money. Check out our favorite cash back apps right now.

Say Hello to Free Money

Better Money Habit 3: She Lowers Her Bills

How do you accumulate money? You either have to spend less or make more. Making more is pretty tough, but spending less? It’s actually not too hard when you start with your bills. Check out these bill-lowering services.

Lower Your Bills

“Help me stop being poor!”

Here are the facts. The *only* way to save money is to spend less than you earn. There’s no way around it.

So what does this mean for you? It means you need to either decrease your expenses or increase your income.

We want to help you do both. Join our 6-day Savings-Account Accelerator Workshop. We’ll send you expense-lowering tools and techniques (and even a few tips on how to boost your income). These frugal-living hacks will help you accomplish the cardinal rule of personal finance: keep your income over your expenses.

When you can spend less than you earn, your money will grow. You will build your savings, pay down debt, and save for retirement.

Join our free 6-day Savings-Account Accelerator Workshop, and start growing your wealth today.

Better Money Habit 4: She Uses Rewards Cards

Take the leap. Try earning cash back with a credit card. They’re not dangerous so long as you intentionally spend less than you earn. Spend less than you earn, and you will always have enough money to pay your statement balance. That means no debt, no interest payments, no late fees. It becomes no different than spending cash, except…

You earn free money every time you swipe your card! Credit cards give their members points or miles. (Points and miles are the same thing; 1 point/mile = $0.01).

The basic bank credit cards usually offer 1% cash back (1 point per $1 spent). Keep in mind, 1% cash back is nothing. Go for 1.5% or 2%. That might not seem like much of an increase, but 2% is literally double the cash back. Some cards offer up to 5% cash back (5 points per $1 spent) on specific purchases like groceries or gas.

Check out Credit-Land to compare rewards cards to find a card that fits your life. But remember! Pay your statement balance in full each month to avoid unnecessary interest and late fees. Do this, and you will can earn hundreds in free cash back every year.

Better Money Habit 5: She Automates Her Savings

Setting up a regular, automatic transfer from your checking account to one of the best interest rate savings accounts you can find makes a difference. Enforce better money habits — Open a CIT Bank Savings Builder Account. This high-yield savings account has one of the nation’s top rates (Check CIT’s current APY on the live banner bellow)

Savings Builder

Earn CIT’s massive APY rate by setting up and funding your CIT Bank Savings Builder Account.

Learn how to earn more interest with the CIT Savings Builder Account here.

Better Money Habit 6: She is Insured on All Fronts

Are you a stay at home mom? Then you have tremendous value. Have you ever considered the cost of hiring out the work you do every day? From child care to food preparation to cleaning + all of the errands. In 2019, the estimated median cost of the work done by a stay-at-home mom was $178,201.

I know it’s not fun to think about something happening to you, but what if? You have tremendous value as a stay at home mom. Your life needs to be insured.

Protect your loved ones with an affordable term life insurance plan from Bestow which offers terms as short as two years and coverage from $50,000 up to $1 million.

This 100% online coverage option is simple, straightforward and provided by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, rated A+ by A.M. Best, a respected insurance rater.

Learn more about Bestow term life insurance here.

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Better Money Habit 7: She Tries

If you want to accumulate money, you cannot sit around waiting for it to happen. You have to try. Try setting up a budget with Empower. Try earning cash back at the grocery store with Ibotta. Try lowering your bills with Billshark. Try using a cash-rewards credit card.

These are all ways to accumulate money. Don’t just read about it. Take action. Stay focused on your goal, keep trying to accumulate money, and your wealth will grow.

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