Sure, Walmart offers discounts.

But we have some Wally World hacks to save you even more money.

Whether you are a college student, or a stay at home mom, follow the tips below to spend less at Walmart.

Low Budget Hacks to Save Money at Walmart (money management tips and life skills)

1. First on the List: A List

Whenever you shop for groceries at Walmart or, create a shopping list. A list will not only help you remember what you need, but also prevent a lot of impulse buying.

The list forces you to stay focused on the foods, ingredients, and staples you actually need.

More focus, more savings.

It’s that simple.

Stray off your list and your grocery bill just went higher.

Have a ($5 Meal) Plan

To make your list even more efficient with greater savings, follow the $5 Meal Plan.

When you sign up for a free, 14-day trial, you will have meal plans emailed to you with great recipe ideas that will expand your taste horizons.

Servings average less than $2 each, and the provided shopping list will make grocery shopping easier.

If you need guidance for planning delicious (cheap!) meals, get $5 Meal plan.

You’ve got nothing to lose with their 14-day free trial!

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2. Gotta, Gotta Get Ibotta

I scored two free items (Pringles and Cinnamon Cheerios) from Walmart.

How you ask?

I spent only two minutes with the Ibotta app!

When you download this free app (Ibotta offers a $20 welcome bonus to its new members), you start earning cash back on groceries from Walmart.

Fire up the app, search the Walmart offers and select the groceries you like.

When you finish shopping, snap a pic of the receipt to earn your rewards.

Combine the great prices of Walmart with the cash-back power of Ibotta, and you’re cooking with hot grease.

Test out the free Ibotta App for yourself right here. And don’t forget! You’ve got a $20 welcome bonus waiting.

Want to hear even more ways Ibotta can save you money? Check out our Ibotta explainer video, here!

So, if you like free money… Download the Ibotta App here and grab a free $20 gift card just for trying it out!

Bonus Tip: If you are grabbing a photo of your receipt for Ibotta, then increase your cash back with the CoinOut app. It works similar to Ibotta, but you just scan any receipt from a grocery or retail store. It’s free money. Take it. Download CoinOut today.

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3. and Capital One Shopping: A Beautiful Match

Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that is always working in the background to save you money when you shop online at Walmart.

When you go to, Capital One Shopping will find current promotions.

The last time I was on the site, I activated a coupon code for 2% off my Walmart order.

Capital One Shopping works across the internet finding coupon codes for thousands of online retailers.

So if you are an online shopper, add the Capital One Shopping browser extension because its fun to save money.

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4. Take Advantage of Sale Pricing After the Purchase with Capital One Price Protection

We shop WalMart for their sales.

So if you bought a new iPad, laptop or HDTV on only to see it go on sale the following week, you wouldn’t be too happy…

Relax. This is where Capital One Price Protection comes in.

If you buy an item and it goes on sale, you should get a refund for the difference.

When you download the free Capital One Price Protection app, you will be notified if the price goes down and receive a refund for the difference.

There are two main ways to save with Capital One Price Protection: Price monitoring and late shipping.

The high-tech app searches your inbox to look for purchases. It then looks at dates and refund deadlines.

If you purchased an item that has dropped in price, then Capital One Price Protection will drop the retailer a line saying you want a refund for the difference.

The second is late shipping.

If your order is shipped late, Capital One Price Protection will work to get you a discount because the retailer didn’t fulfill its shipping promise.

When a package arrives late, you will be alerted to contact the retailer to compensate you.

Capital One Price Protection wants to help you not miss a sale and get refunds on late deliveries.

Try the free Capital One Price Protection app here and start collecting free money.

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5. Does Walmart Still Match Competitors’ Prices? No, but …

Walmart (the physical store) stopped matching competitors prices and instead launched its Savings Catcher app.

This app refunds you the difference if another retailer sold the same item for less. (the online store), however, will match competitors prices.

The item has to be identical to the one being sold for less elsewhere, both items must be in-stock, and other restrictions apply. 

Hassle-Free Lower Prices

It’s great is willing to price match, but do yourself a favor, grab Capital One Shopping, Capital One Price Protection and Ibotta to make sure you are paying less with coupons or earning cash back.

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6. Always, Always, Always Use This Cash Back Tip

Whenever you can, make your Walmart or purchases on a rewards credit card.

Some rewards cards offer 2% cash back on all purchases made with the card.

Some rewards cards offer 5% cash back on groceries.

With a rewards credit card, everything is on sale.

However, don’t even think about a rewards credit card if you don’t pay off your credit card every month.

You will give back everything and more in interest charges on your debt.

Pay off your credit cards on time (simply stick them on autopay) and you will make money with your credit card.

Where Can I Find A Rewards Credit Card That’s Perfect For Me?

Credit Land does a great job of breaking down the best rewards offers.

The other day I saw something I never saw before: A prepaid credit card with up to 10% cash back.

Check out the rewards cards over at Credit Land and see if one makes sense for you.

If so, be sure to use it on to earn more cash back than you thought.

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