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How To Get Free Money Now

While getting your hands on *actual* free money seems elusive and scam-ridden, we’re here to let you in on the secret. In fact, tons of companies are willing to hand over free cash, gift cards, and PayPal deposits for simply trying their services ONCE.

That’s not to say there aren’t scams and time-wasters out there, because there are. To help you avoid even 1 second of wasted time, we’ve rounded up our favorite (and easiest) ways to get free money from home now!

Get Free Money Passively

1. Dosh –Claim $1 Now

Dosh is a smartphone app that earns you cash back on your everyday purchases.

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When you pair your credit or debit cards to Dosh, you will start getting cash back at these locations:

  • Walmart – 3% Cash Back
  • Target – 1.5% Cash Back
  • Walgreens – 6% Cash Back
  • Exxon Mobile – 2% Cash Back
  • Guess – 5% Cash Back
  • Patagonia – 6% Cash Back
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – 7% Cash Back
  • Jiffy Lube – 10% Cash Back

What makes Dosh incredibly convenient is that Dosh saves you money automatically. After you’ve linked your card to the app, you’re done. Let the app sit on your phone, untouched and unopened—it will silently collect cash back as you spend money. The only time you’ll need to open the Dosh App is to cash out.

Sign up for Dosh and get $1 when you link your credit or debit card to the app. 

dosh app

2. Rakuten/Ebates –Claim $10 Now

Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) is the most lucrative passive income service we’ve found to date.

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When you place an order online (at Amazon for instance):

  • Not only will Rakuten add coupons to your order
  • Not only will Rakuten offer you free cash-back on your order
  • Not only will Rakuten pay you a $10 Welcome bonus
  • Not only will Rakuten send you a check in the mail (or to your PayPal account) every 3 months with all the cash-back you’ve earned.

Rakuten has the power to perform all of these functions automatically. But only if you set up your Rakuten account the right way.

If you want free cash delivered straight to your door every three months just for shopping online like normal, follow these 3 steps:  

Create a Rakuten account here. After you get cash back on your first order, you’ll collect your $10 Welcome Bonus

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3. Ibotta –Claim $20 Now

There’s a reason Ibotta is the #1 cash-back-on-groceries app in US—it pays great, it’s easy to use, and it’s fast.

When you get home, open the ibotta app, take a picture of your receipt, and free cash-back will *immediately* be deposited into your Ibotta wallet. 

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Cash out your Ibotta money to your bank account, PayPal, or for a free gift-card to your favorite retailer (we consistently have free money to Starbucks thanks to Ibotta).

What’s more, Ibotta offers a massive $20 Welcome Bonus.

Get $20 when you create your account here.

Did you know that there are more ways to earn free money shopping with Ibotta? Quickly check out our Ibotta explainer video for more details.

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4. CoinOut App–From Shark Tank

CoinOut is a Shark-Tank product with an extraordinary promise: Get Free Cash Back from *any* retailer when you take a picture of your receipt. 

It doesn’t matter where you shop: be it Walmart, GameStop, Office Depot, Macy’s, or any other retailer you frequent. You will earn cash back for taking a picture of any receipt. 

And they pay you in cold hard cash (PayPal deposits)! Check out the last free money PayPal we received from CoinOut!

The CoinOut App pays you money through PayPal Deposits

Click here to download the free CoinOut App

Free Cash From Surveys

1. Vindale Research –Claim $6 Now

Vindale Research is the highest paying survey site in the industry (up to $50 per survey).

What’s more, you won’t be incessantly screened out of surveys: your user profile will allow Vindale to match you with hundreds of surveys based on your interests and demographic data so that you are always the ideal candidate for every survey you start.

Stop wasting time taking surveys and start making money. What’s more, Vindale will pay you $5 to send in a pic of you holding your Vindale check. 

Get Free Money Now, Vindale Research

Sign up for Vindale now and earn a $1 Sign Up Bonus

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2. Inbox Dollars –Claim $5 Now

Inbox Dollar has paid their users more than $57,000,000 for taking surveys, watching online videos, searching the web, and playing online games. 

If you like goofing around on the internet, then stop missing out on free money. 

Sign up for Inbox Dollars and claim your $5 Welcome Bonus here

3. VIP Voice

One survey per day. That’s all it takes to reach the highest earning echelon at VIP Voice.

Start earning 550 points per survey and maximize your income on every survey you take!

Get Free Money Now, VIP Voice

Click here to sign up for VIP Voice

4. Survey Junkie –The Internets Most Trusted Survey Site

Tired of getting kicked out of surveys after your 8 questions in?

Survey Junkie has you create a user profile so that they can pinpoint surveys where you are the ideal candidate.

Get Free Money Now, free money for surveys, Survey Junkie

Start sharing your opinion to influence change within major brands and get paid free PayPal money or gift cards!

Start taking surveys tailored to you with Survey Junkie.

5. Survey Club

SurveyClub is your hub for finding paid research opportunities near you. In addition to Survey Club’s thousands of online surveys, they’ll find you focus groups, clinical trials, in-home usage tests, and taste-tests in your area that will pay you good money.

Sign up for SurveyClub to find money-making opportunities available near you, right now.

6. Pinecone Research –Earn $3 For Each Survey You Take

Test products before they are made available to the general public when you sign up for Pinecone Research.

Manufactures will send you product prototypes to your home (or at the very least show you images of the product) for you to test in exchange for your insights. Complete a survey about the product, and get paid $3.

Start Making $3 Per Survey With Pinecone Research

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How To Earn Free Money Exercising

1. Sweatcoin -Get Paid To Walk

You need to exercise, but if becoming healthy for health’s sake isn’t enough of an incentive to get up off your lazy bumb (no judegments), try Sweatcoin.

SweatCoin is a free app that pays you to exercise. When you take a walk around the neighborhood, the Sweatcoin App counts your steps and then pays you sweatcoins

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Spend your sweatcoins in the marketplace in exchange for hundreds of products. We like to save up oursweatcoinsto buy PayPal and Amazon vouchers. 

The marketplace changes daily, so be on the lookout for the PayPal and Amazon vouchers—they show up often. 

Start getting paid to walk. Sign up for your free SweatCoin account here

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2. HealthyWage 

Here’s a wager: If you can lose 40 lbs in six months, HealthyWage will pay you $500. But if you don’t lose 40lbs in 6 months, you’ll lose your $150.

Feeling inspired? Exactly.

Make your own HealthyWager here to see how much money you can *win* to lose.  

Get Free Money Now, Healthy Wage

Welcome Bonus Compilation

Ibotta: $20 Welcome Bonus

Ebates: $10 Welcome Bonus

Dosh App: $1 Welcome Bonus

Swagbucks: $10 Welcome Bonus– (Full Swagbucks Review Here)

Inbox Dollars: $5 Welcome Bonus 

Vindale Research: $6 Welcome Bonus– (Full Vindale Research Review)

Want Free Stuff Too?

PinchMe — Get A Box Of Free Sample Every Month!

Want free stuff delivered to your front door?

PinchMe is a free membership site that sends you free samples for providing feedback (positive or negative).

They works with well-known brands like Makeup Forever, Purina, Band-Aid, and so many more! Check out some of their most recent samples:

free money and free samples

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to be a Pincher (it’s free)
  2. Pick out the samples you want in your PinchMe box
  3. Tell Pinchme how you liked the products

All the items are free! 

Sign up here for a PinchMe account to have free stuff sent to your door


Alright, those are the BEST ways to get free money now, scam-free!

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