Spending money on stuff you don’t need is just throwing your money away.

Be mindful of your spending. Buy fun items that solves problems.

Does your coffee get cold on the way to work?

Buy a quality tumbler. Stop buying cheap stuff you don’t need and replace it for quality stuff you do.

Here are 9 things you need to stop buying right now to save money.

1. Stop Buying Debt (It Costs You Interest)

don't buy debt

One loan = two monthly payments. Payment one: you are responsible for returning the money you borrowed.

And payment two: you’re on the hook for monthly interest fees.

If you’re in debt, you’re losing money to interest every month.

To lower your monthly interest rate, pay down your debt.

Your interest payment is a percentage of your principle. That means the less debt you have, the less you pay in interest every month.

2. Stop Buying Restaurant Meals

don't buy restaurant meals

Meals at restaurants are expensive, and Americans spend half their food budget eating out [source].

Consuming alcohol when you dine increases the cost, and a well-earned tip adds 20% to your bill.

To keep more of your money, spend more time in your kitchen and spend less at your favorite restaurants.

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3. Stop Paying for Unused Subscriptions

don't buy unused subscriptions

A study estimates Americans waste $364 a year on entertainment subscriptions THEY DO NOT USE [source].

Cancel your unused subscriptions, and stop throwing away your money.

Scrutinize your credit card bills to see if you pay for any subscription service you might have forgotten you signed up for, and cancel those services.

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4. Stop Buying Single-Use Plastics

don't buy single use plastics

Americans live in a throw-away society: Think zippered plastic bags, K-Cups, water bottles, and plastic cups.

When you purchase these single-use products, it becomes costly.

Eliminate waste and additional costs when you purchase replace single-use plastics with reusable products.

Head over to Amazon for reusable products so you can save money (and the environment).

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Then deposit your Dosh cash directly into your savings account.

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5. Stop Buying Cheap Products (Cuz Free Junk is Still Junk)

don't buy junk

Don’t buy cheap. Buy quality. Inferior products cost more money because they need to be replaced more frequently.

When you buy quality appliances, electronics, clothes, shoes — whatever — they will last longer and generally involve less maintenance.

Forget about buying those cheap running shoes that you will need to discard in just a few months; buy quality and save.

When Buying Quality, This App Looks for Lower Prices

Just because you decided to buy quality, it does not mean you have to pay top dollar.

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6. Stop Paying for Multiple Streaming Services

don't buy multiple streaming services

Cutting the cord is easier than ever, but it can become extremely expensive.

You have so many choices, like Netflix (see our Netflix Hacks), Apple TV, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, ESPN+, and CBS All Access. Individually, they don’t cost you much, but together you can pay close to $1,000 a year.

Save hundreds of dollars a year when you rotate these services: Get Netflix, watch everything you want, then cancel it and move on to Disney+ or another streaming service.

7. Stop Buying Expensive Flights

don't buy expensive flights

Who doesn’t love a great deal on flights?

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8. Stop Paying For New Clothes (Unless You Do This One Thing)

don't buy new clothes

Families spend nearly $1,900 a year on clothing, which amounts to $150 a month [source].

Before spending any more money on new clothes, clean out your closet.

Sell clothes you no longer wear at a consignment shop.

Not only will you have money to spend on new clothes, buy your wardrobe will be clean and clear.

Let your wardrobe consist of only the clothes you actually wear. It’s life changing.

Save Money on Clothes When You Shop Online

When the time is right to buy new clothes, reduce your costs with Rakuten.

The service will pay you cash back when you shop at thousands of stores. It also offers coupons of up to 50% off (like it did at Banana Republic + 4% cash back).

Create a free Rakuten Cash Back account, and you will save at your favorite online clothing retailers.

9. Stop Paying Bank Fees

don't buy bank fees

Americans, overall, pay more than $11 billion in overdraft and other bank fees.

The average overdraft fee is $35, but there are others, like ATM fees, late fees, foreign transaction fees, and wire transfer fees.

These fees are bogus.

If you are charged an overdraft fee, contact your bank and ask to have it removed.

But what about all those other fees? They are much harder to remove, but not impossible.

Tap into AI to Fight Bank Fees

If you like the idea of reversing bank and credit card fees, but don’t want to deal with the mess of fighting the bank, the Cushion app is worth investigating.

This AI-based service, dubbed the “fee fighter robot,” will analyze linked bank and credit card accounts. It will determine what fees are worth negotiating and fighting for.

Cushion users say the service is easy and helpful.

Sign up for one of Cushion’s plans and let it negotiate and fight with banks and credit card companies on your behalf and return those fees back into your account.

10. Stop the Unplanned and Impulse Purchases

don't buy unplanned purchases

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying something on sale.

Or it’s by the cash register. You grab it because it’s “cheap.”

But after 100 small purchases, the total isn’t so small anymore.

Be mindful of how you spend your money.

Buy things that will make your life better. Buy things solve a problems.

When the stuff you buy improves your life, those gifts keep on giving.

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