Editor’s note: When we wanted a post about super frugal living, we knew we wanted to pick the brain of Jordon Cox, Britain’s Coupon Kid and frugality expert. When he was 15 years old, he had to figure out how to save money to help his mum, who was struggling financially. Now, he helps people like us save money.

You may think that super frugal living will only save you a few pennies here and there, but you can be frugal by only a few small changes to your lifestyle – and it could be easier than you think.

The Best Money Tips for Frugal Living! Quick Ways to Save Money.

Tips to Get a Jump Start on Frugal Living

It’s probably best not to throw yourself in at the deep end and instead try some easier frugal living tips first.

1. The Easiest Way to Save on Groceries

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Extreme Ways to Save Money and Start Frugal Living!

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2. Find Coupons & Deals on Autopilot

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Easy Ways to Control Spending and Never Overspend!

Ready to save money? Check out these tips to never overspend!

3. Lower Your Monthly Bills (without doing any of the work)

While pondering all things frugal, remember to keep focused on the overall goal: More money in your pocket.

Trim, a mobile app, will help you “Trim” your bills to reduce your monthly expenses.

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Money Saving Techniques for Household Expenses!

Try these money saving tips to save on household expenses fast!

Jordon’s 5 Super Frugal Living Tips

Money Saving Tips for Frugal Living! Quick Money Saving Tips.

Once the first tricks are tackled and you’re feeling the frugal living lifestyle, there are some ways to kick your savings up a notch.

As you’ll see, you don’t have to be cheap to be frugal with money – rather clever ideas will save you money and add up the dollars you save.

1. Take a Bucket Into the Shower

Yes, you read that right. If you’re taking a shower, the amount of water used means a lot will be wasted.

To combat this (and even reduce your water bills), take a bucket with you into the shower to collect water which can be used for other purposes.

That extra bucket of water can be used for plants, washing dishes or cleaning a car.

If you’re on a water meter, it’ll mean less spent on your bill and less water wasted.

If you do decide to use this method, place a bucket at your feet either before or after you get soap and shampoo involved so the bucket is only filled with water.

The last thing you’d want is to kill your plants!

You can also put a bucket out in your yard to collect rainwater to do a similar thing (as long as you don’t live in the desert).

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2. Ditch Your Cleaning Spray for Lemons

Most cleaning sprays you buy in the supermarket set you back $3 or more, but do you notice most of them are infused with lemon?

That’s because it’s high in citric acid, which is a natural cleaner.

On average, you can get a pound of lemons for just $2 (at least that’s the case in the U.K.).

Not only is it cheaper, but it cuts out the nasty chemicals that you find in regular household cleaners.

It’s worth noting that you should only clean with lemons on certain surfaces – not because it’ll damage it, but rather it won’t kill all bacteria.

I’ve found the microwave is one of the best places to clean with this citrus fruit.

To get stubborn stains out of the microwave, follow my method:

  1. Fill up a microwave safe bowl halfway with water
  2. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze all juice into the bowl (Get cash back on lemons with Ibotta)
  3. Microwave the bowl on full power for 3 minutes
  4. Let it stand for 5 minutes, this allows the steam to attack the grime
  5. Wipe away all the loosened dirt and grime with a cloth
The Best Money Saving Methods! Extreme Frugal Living Tips.

Stop buying THESE THINGS to save money fast!

3. Cut Your Own Hair

Before you freak out… have you ever stopped to think about how expensive a trip to the barber or salon is? You could be spending hundreds of dollars throughout the year or even in one trip!

You find plenty of how-to videos on Youtube for other things right?

There are also videos for cutting your own hair or someone else’s hair.

Truth be told, this is much easier for men to do with a pair of clippers, so it might be worth having a go.

A short back and sides aren’t that difficult to master.

If you wanted to avoid going back to the bowl cuts, you can also try and find a student hairdresser, who can cut your hair at a reduced price to give them more experience (but hopefully still a good quality cut).

Pro Tip: If you need to purchase clippers or any other accessories, be sure to sign up for Ebates/Rakuten and install the browser extension.

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Best of all, Rakuten works in the background. It’s always searching for cash back opportunities.

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4. Freeze Food You Wouldn’t Normally Think To Freeze

We’d all freeze that extra loaf of bread or microwave meal that we didn’t get ‘round to tucking into, but you can actually freeze a lot more foods than you might think.

Not only would this stop food waste, but it will also save those precious pennies by using up food you’ve already bought.

Here are a list of different items safe to freeze, and the methods to do it (don’t forget to earn free cash back on all of these grocery items with Ibotta) :

  • Milk (in a carton)
  • Cheese (but only grated)
  • Bananas (in any form)
  • Eggs (crack each egg into a muffin tin)
  • Grapes (you can even use them as ice cubes once frozen, and they are great for making smoothies)
  • Baked goods (all cookies, cakes and muffins can go straight in)
How to Create a Realistic Budget! Easy Frugal Living Budgeting Hacks.

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5. Sell Your Toilet Paper Cardboard

And you thought just toilet paper was valuable, didn’t you?

Those cardboard rolls in the middle of your toilet paper might actually be worth a bit of cash!

This is because they can be used for arts and crafts, and you are able to sell them on places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

It might not make you rich, but it’ll mean you get a bit of money back on your toilet paper purchases.

The going rate is around $5 per 50 empty rolls, so it could be a cool little side hustle.

If you’re crafty, you could use them with your kids too instead of buying new ones.

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Best Ways to Live Life Cheap and Save Money Fast.

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Remember the Keys to Frugal Living

These frugal living tips might go a bit further than most, but what did you expect when they invited me, Britain’s Coupon Kid, to write about super frugal living?

Try these tips and you will definitely see your savings add up.

If you do end up watering your plants with your shower water – let us know!

You don’t have to take on board everything, but rather pick and choose which will fit your lifestyle best, and you might see a switch to super frugal living.

I hope you took time to download the Ibotta app (don’t for get the $20 welcome bonus) so you can get some cash back rewards when you shop for things like lemons, bananas, and frozen dinners.

And, if you cut your expenses with Trim or claim free cash back with Rakuten, then make sure you have a plan for all your extra money and savings.

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Simple Ways to Save Money and Start Frugal Living!

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