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The key to succeeding with money is to enjoy your money. That’s why at Budgeting Couple, we are committed to delivering you not only top budgeting and money saving tips, but also key insights on how to seamlessly introduce those tips into your life.  

Building a savings, paying down debt, and investing for retirement will become simple to understand, and an endeavor you’ll be excited to go on.

With Budgeting Couple you will succeed financially because you will enjoy managing your money.


Resources to Get You Started


The best way to build a savings and pay down debt is with a budget. Here are a few resources to help you get started:

If you have an income problem and need a side hustle, here are some ways to make extra money fast:

Struggling to save money? Here’s compilations of our favorite ways to live frugal and save money on autopilot: 

A great way to save money is through cash back deals. Learn to save money on virtually every purchase you make from now one with these:



Evan Sutherland and Nikayla Sutherland - Co-Founders of Budgeting Couple a personal finance website

 We’re so excited to have you on this budgeting adventure with us! 

    Nikayla & Evan
    Co-Founders, Budgeting Couple

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