Have you ever wondered about those perennially tidy, organized, peaceful homes? What do those owners possess to keep them that way? 

If you talk to these unicorns, you’ll discover that they don’t spend all their time cleaning. Many don’t hire cleaning services, either.

Instead, they’ve mastered a skill that sets them apart. They optimize their belongings for their space.That means that instead of filling their homes with useless clutter, everything they own has a purpose. That purpose is to make their lives easier or better.

And, if something doesn’t fit the bill, they aren’t afraid to cut it loose. Do you dream of joining the elite tidy home club? These eight habits will get you there. 

The Best Cleaning and Organizing Tips! Tidying Home Tips.

1. Declutter

Spaciousness is the mark of a tidy home. Counter surfaces are empty. Walkways are clear. All items have purpose. There is no clutter.

Truly, decluttering is the only tip you need when it comes to keeping a tidy home. When a home is free of clutter, the home is clean (and it is very easy to keep clean.)

To declutter, choose a cluttered space and start separating your things into 3 piles: keep, donate, and trash. Keep the functional items that bring you joy. Do away with the items that do not serve you.

As you declutter, more space will be made available and your home will naturally become clean and functional.

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2. Everything in its Place

A home is tidy, functional and easy to clean when every item can be put away. Everything you own needs a home-base.

Keep this idea in mind as you declutter. Give your “keep” items a home. If its home turns out to be full of stuff, then you’ve found a new space to declutter.

It’s also helpful to make best use of your storage space. Baskets are wonderful storage solutions. They allow you to group your items up into families, they can be kept in a closet or on a shelf, and they are aesthetically pleasing.

Pro tip: Before buying a new item, ask yourself, “do I have a place to put this?” If the answer is no, then don’t buy it. It will likely become clutter in your home. This tip will keep your home clean, functional, and save you money.

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3. Display Decor That Makes You Happy

When it comes to decor, know that the space around the decor piece is just as important as the piece itself.

So be selective with your pieces. Choose pieces that make you feel something. After you display it, you should continue to enjoy noticing it. Let your decor be there to serve you. Don’t let it become background noise in your home.

Over time, if the piece doesn’t bring you joy like it used to, donate it (or sell it), and replace it with a new piece.

Seasonal decor (Spring, Fall and Winter) is a nice way to change things up.  To help save money, try making your own home decor items!

Spring Cleaning Home Tips. Easy Decluttering Tips.

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The Best Declutter Ideas for the Home! Organizing Room Hacks.

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4. Don’t Wear Shoes in the House

No shoes in the house is practical. Shoes are gross. They track in dirt and germs. No shoes in the house is a matter of saving time and energy. You don’t have to clean up after them.

If you want to keep your home cleaner for longer, stop wearing shoes in the house.

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5. Houseplants  

Once you get the hang of decluttering, your home can start to feel empty and bare. At this point, houseplants are the solution.

Add a houseplant to an empty corner. Drape a houseplant over a shelf. Houseplants brighten your space and paradoxically heighten the sense of spaciousness.

Treat houseplants like decor. You don’t want your plants to become clutter. If a space feels lacking and you don’t know what to put there, try a houseplant.

Also, studies show they have physical and mental health benefits, like improving your mood, reducing fatigue, lowering stress and anxiety, improving focus, minimizing the occurrences of headaches, and improving focus [source]. 

If you think you need a green thumb, relax.

There are tons of low maintenance houseplants you can water once a week and just enjoy. Check out the best houseplants for beginners here.

The Best Decluttering Hacks! Easy Cleaning Tips and Tricks.

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6. Clean a Little Bit Every Day

When you make a habit of spending a few minutes cleaning each and every day, you always stay on top of things. 

Some ideas:

  • Give the bathroom sink a quick wipe every few weeks (before it gets dirty)
  • Keep dishes out of the sink
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters every night.
  • Choose a cordless vacuum so freshening up the floors is quick and easy
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7. Fix Problems Immediately

If you notice something that needs to be done in your home, don’t procrastinate — just do it.

Refilling the soap dispenser as soon as you notice it’s getting low will be much less annoying than finding it empty when you go to wash your hands. The same goes for taking out the garbage.

Keeping up on maintenance keeps your tidy home feeling functional and efficient.

8. When You Leave an Area, Make it Look Like You Were Never There

Before you leave a room, put everything back in its place. This is a practical habit. The job has to get done eventually… Might as well do it now so you can enjoy the tidiness of your home.

After your home is decluttered, minor maintenance is the key to keeping your home clean and tidy. Use these tips to nurture tidy-home habits and you will effortlessly keep a clean and tidy home.

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Quick Cleaning House Hacks! Tidy Up House Tips.

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