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Who doesn’t LOVE online shopping?!

We are big online shoppers not only for the convenience but also for the vast array of awesome deals and money-saving opportunities!amazon hacks, save money on amazon, amazon warehouse deal, how to save money on amazon, save money, budget, budgeting

We have been longtime lovers of Amazon shopping, but only when we really had to cut back our expenses (after moving cross-country and living jobless for 9 months) did we truly discover all the money-saving opportunities Amazon has to offer!!

If you’re not familiar with Amazon, it basically has everything you could think to buy from clothes, toiletries, electronics, jewelry, food, and so much more.

And if their selection isn’t enticing enough, Amazon Prime members get 2-day free shipping!

If you aren’t a Prime member yet you can sign up for a FREE 30-day with the link below!

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This is the first installment in our Amazon Hacks series detailing ALL the ways you can save HUNDREDS of dollars on Amazon!

We wanted to share all the commonly overlooked money-saving opportunities so you can shop in your p.j.’s and feel good about it.

Make sure to bookmark this post so you can come back to it before the next time you need to shop on Amazon!

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  • #1 Amazon Hack: Amazon Warehouse Deals (Open Box Deals)

The Warehouse Deals on Amazon are a hidden gem! But they are extremely difficult to find on Amazon’s website if you don’t know where to look. (check them out HERE)

Basically, Amazon’s Warehouse offers steep discounts on products because they have either been: returned used, refurbished, damaged, or even returned unused!

Long story short, they have been deemed “unsellable” by Amazon’s regular store standards so they are in turn discounted and sold as open box deals!

These Amazon Warehouse items have been discounted anywhere from 5% all the way up to 40% off the original price!

Some of the products haven’t even been touched and only have mild superficial damage to the packaging!

Each item is rated by its condition: Like New, Very Good, Good, and Acceptable. No matter what condition you decide to go with, Amazon’s great return policy still applies!

We personally tend to stick with the Like New and Very Good conditions based on what type of product we’re going for.

Here’s an example of an awesome deal Amazon was offering while I was writing this post:

So I searched what the Warehouse Deals had to offer as far as GoPro Cameras.

This GoPro Camera HERO+ LCD HD Video Recording Camera is normally priced around $272 (prices may vary) when bought brand-new from the normal Amazon Store.

amazon hacks, save money on amazon, amazon warehouse deal, how to save money on amazon, save money, budget, budgetingamazon hacks, save money on amazon, amazon warehouse deal, how to save money on amazon, save money, budget, budgeting





On Amazon Warehouse Deals I found the exact same GoPro Camera in “Like New” condition for only $177! They even describe the condition so you know exactly what to expect!

You can save almost $100 on this GoPro video camera that has zero imperfections and has been tested by Amazon to ensure it is fully functioning!

amazon hacks, save money on amazon, amazon warehouse deal, how to save money on amazon, save money, budget, budgeting

In this case, the only reason it was heavily discounted was because the packaging was damaged. Check out the description in the picture above! ^

Such a great steel for just a dented box!

A few of the popular Warehouse Deal categories are:

Check them all out here!

  • #2 Amazon Hack: Amazon’s Outlet Store  

 The Amazon Outlet Store is also difficult to find on Amazon’s website, and it too is an awesome place to find fantastic deals and saving opportunities! (Check it out HERE)

The Outlet store is a little different from the Warehouse because the outlet only carries brand new items for heavily discounted prices!

These items are discounted because they are either: older models, markdowns, overstocks, or closeouts. The products are primarily discounted to help them sell FAST!

Amazon Outlet also has “Lightning Deals” meaning there are only a specific number of the products left, and/or the sale is only going on for a set amount of time (like 24 hours only).

The Outlet store usually has savings ranging from 20% all the way to over 80% off!!

Some popular categories in the Outlet store are:

Check it out the entire Amazon Outlet Store HERE!

Alright, those are two of our favorite ways to save tons of money on Amazon!

I wanted to include one more BONUS Amazon Hack we use to save money no matter what we buy on Amazon:

BONUS Amazon Hack: Utilize the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card!

We use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card every time we shop on Amazon (whether the item is on sale or not) so we can get 5% Cash Back on EVERYTHING!!

Since we are so Amazon obsessed, getting this “$0 annual fee” card was a no-brainer, and who doesn’t want FREE Money!?!credit card debt, debt payoff, budget, budgeting, budgeting tips, make money, debt, how to payoff debt, make money with credit cards

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We lay out exactly how we use each card in combination with our budget to rack up FREE cash while remaining 100% confident we will never fall into credit card debt!

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Stay tuned for our next installments in our series: Amazon Hacks: How To Save Hundreds Shopping On Amazon!

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