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Starting our married lives as jobless students moving cross country was scary, to say the least.  This situation forced us to figure out how to make the little money we had in our savings last without an income.Money Saving tips, save money, how to save money, frugal living, money saving, best money saving tips,

While Evan was in charge of our budget, my role was to figure out where we could cut costs and save money.

Amazingly, we made it through the 9 months I spent unemployed and our lifestyle wasn’t too shabby.

I believe these 10 Money Saving Tips were crucial in our ability to cut costs and still have a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Each one has independently helped our bank account without feeling like we’ve had to give up anything we need or love!






The 10 Best Money Saving Tips


  • Money Saving Tip #1. Drink More Water (Not Bottled)

This money-saving hack can save you AT LEAST $100 every single month! All you have to do is make water the staple drink in your home.

But we’re not talking about bottled water!

If you are buying cases of water, you can expect to spend a little over $100 a month PER PERSON!

And if you’re not fortunate enough to live in an area where the tap water is clean enough to drink, we have a solution for you.

Purchase a water filter instead!

After switching to a water filter, we now spend less than $3.00 a month for the two of us! To make the switch that much easier, there are a several different water filter options to choose at varying prices ranges!

Here are a couple of our favorite water filter options:

  • Money Saving Tip #2. Write A Shopping List & Stick To It!

Unfortunately, buying whatever catches your eye at the grocery store can be a big blow to your budget and can cause you to spend more money than you intend.

Evan and I stay on track by consistently updating a shopping list throughout the week so when we get to the grocery store, we have a game plan and don’t stray from the list (no matter how tempting those donuts look).

But truly, learning to only get the necessities has cut down our monthly grocery spending at least $100 a month!

This money-saving tip is crucial for ideal money management.

For more ways to save money at the grocery store:

>> Read our “15 Insanely Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries” post here

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  • Money Saving Tips #3. Don’t Settle for High-Priced Cellphone Plans

We recently had to switch cell phone companies because our provider’s service in our area was shoddy.

We decided to go with AT&T and were dreading to only get 3GB of data to share for more than $90 a month!

Surprisingly we found an AT&T plan that is practically hidden on their site!

We have 20 GB of data and only spend $75 a month!! 

We still kept our same phones and have the same great coverage AT&T is known for).

Want to know how? Check out ALL the details and how you can switch too in our full post:

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  • Money Saving Tip #4. Grocery Store Apps

When we first moved cross-country and had to cut back our expenses, I was eager to start cutting coupons like the pros!

Even with all of my ambition and excitement, my dreams of becoming an extreme couponer soon dwindled when I figured out how much time it actually took!

Luckily most grocery stores today have their own FREE Grocery Store App!

Instead of flipping through a paper ad and endlessly clipping coupons, these apps allow you to quickly scroll through each sale and coupon available at the store!

To ensure you easily find the discounts you need, the app includes a search feature, has every coupon categorized, and even creates a section just for you based on previous purchases!

Grocery store apps also function as your shopping list to help you stay on track with money-saving tip #2!

Because this app saves me so much time (and money), it is definitely a couponing system I can stick to.

Just search your grocery store’s name in your phone’s app store and download!

  • Money Saving Tip #5. Keep Your Tires Inflated For Better Gas Mileage

Have you ever tried to ride a bike with flat tires? It’s exhausting!

Flat or partially deflated tires can be grueling on your car too, which in turn costs you more money!

By simply inflating your tires to their suggested amount (this info can be found on your tire) you can improve your gas mileage anywhere from 0.6- 3%!

Improving your gas mileage means filling up your tank less and therefore saving you money!!

  • Money Saving Tip #6. Make Money & Save Money Online Shopping with Ebates! 

**EDIT: Since joining Ebates at the end of November, we’ve already made $100!!**

Ebates rewards you with FREE money for online shopping for things you were already going to buy!

Who doesn’t want to get paid to shop??

Ebates pays you a certain percentage of cash back (depending on the store and the day)  by simply going to their website first, and using one of their links to get to the online store you want to purchase from.

Before you do any online shopping, simply head over to Ebates and search for the store you’re planning on purchasing from (they have over 2,000 to pick from like: Walmart, Amazon, Nordstrom, Kohls, Toys R Us, REI..)

When you find your retailer, click its link and buy whatever you were originally planning on getting and you will get paid for your purchase! It’s that easy!!

And signing up for Ebates is FREE! Make sure to add Ebates to your Favorites or Bookmarks so you don’t forget to go there before you fill up your cart!

Sign up for Ebates HERE and receive a Bonus $10 Cash Back when you spend your first $25 just for signing up with our link!

Check out our full Ebates Review plus exactly How It Works to help you save and make the most money possible!


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  • Money Saving Tip #7. Use Auto-Pay For Your Credit Cards

If you prefer the cash system, you can skip over this step, but for credit card users this money-saving tip is gold!

Credit card companies charge a hefty sum of money on late fees and interest.

On one occasion we totally spaced on our credit card payment and ended up having a $30 fee tacked onto our next bill!

After that, we decided to turn on auto pay and haven’t looked back.  

You can set it up to pay the full statement balance every month so you’ll never have to worry about late fees or interest again!

After all, if you’re not making money with your credit cards, you’re using them wrong.

To find out why you don’t have to be afraid of credit cards and how we use ours to make FREE cash (we’ve made over $1400 this year), check out our FREE resources below!

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  • Money Saving Tip #8. Take Advantage of Amazon Subscribe and Save!

I don’t know about you, but I DESPISE going shopping for toiletries and other necessities.

So when I found out “Amazon Subscribe and Save” can deliver those items straight to my front door, I was pumped!

But this awesome service isn’t merely a savior for my laziness (and gas bill), IT SAVES US 15% ON ALL OUR TOILETRIES AND MORE!

By shopping Amazon’s Subscribe and Save store, and being subscribed to 5 or more products, you automatically get 15% off of everything!!

The only catch is you have to be an Amazon Prime member.

We have been Prime members for years and feel the $8 a month saves us so much more in the long run! If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member yet, you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Or, you could always rack up free gift cards in you spare time (some of these places give you a free amazon gift card just for signing up) if you’re into that sorta thing.

Shopping at Amazon, in general, is one of our favorite ways to save money. Check out all of our Amazon saving secrets in our series:


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  •  Money Saving Tip #9. Go To The Library

If you haven’t been to the library in a while, it’s seriously time to go. You will be amazed at all the free stuff you can get!

We take FULL advantage of our local library!

Not only do we check out books, and eBooks (who knew you could “check out” eBooks?!) we also check out CDs and DVDs!

Their CD selection specifically has taken my money savings to a whole new level!

Instead of buying separate songs on iTunes or paying monthly for Apple music, I can get entire Albums for FREE thanks to my local library!

  • Money Saving Tip #10. Create A Budget You Can Stick To!

Budgets are undoubtedly the #1 way to save money.

There are tips all over the internet that will save a few dollars here and there, but none of them have the power to save money or build wealth like a budget.

You may read “budget” and think to yourself, “That’s way too much effort, I don’t like budgets”  But with our Free 4-Day BudgetingWorkshop: “Roadmap To Financial Success,” we’ll show you how truly easy it is to build a budget, stick to it, and start building a savings that grows month after month after month.

Take a moment and imagine how great it will feel having a couple thousand dollars in your bank account and finally some well-deserved peace of mind.Budgeting Workshop, Budgeting Couple, Budgeting Couple Blog, How to Budget , Budgeting

This can be your reality.  This will be your reality because it’s what your budget will be designed to do!

You won’t have to live in fear of random costly expenses or an emergency.

You can eliminate the nagging fear and the waves of stress that occur every time you think about your finances.

This budgeting workshop will show you how simple it is to:

  • Save Money faster than you ever have before
  • Say goodbye to the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle for good
  • Pay down debt like a champion
  • Set money aside to plan for retirement

And it won’t cost you a single penny.

So if you truly want to save money fast… build your budget! Sign up for our Free 4-Day Budgeting Workshop: “Roadmap To Financial Success” right now and get in control of your finances.

Don’t let your savings remain stagnate any longer!

Click Here to sign up for the FREE 4-Day Budgeting Workshop: “Roadmap To Financial Success”

Additional Resources: 

Seriously, creating a budget and sticking to it can change your life!

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