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“Dosh” is British slang for cash, and cash they do deliver.

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Dosh has paid out over $25 million to its 3 million users since its founding in 2016. What’s more, their users didn’t lift a finger to earn it.  

With Dosh, you earn Cash Back automatically: just spend money with your credit or debit card and watch your Dosh Wallet load up with free cash! 

… But you have to give up your credit card and banking information. Naturally, you’re worried about the safety of your private information. Is the Dosh app safe? How secure is Dosh? What kind of protection do they offer?  And how is it possible to earn cash back ‘automatically’?—is Dosh a scam?   

These are important questions to ask, especially before giving out any information regarding your money. So let’s answer them shall we?  Let’s find out if Dosh is safe and whether or not their ‘Cash Back Automatically’ claim is legit or just a scam.

Is the Dosh App Safe? What If Dosh Gets Hacked?

Let’s step back for a second: Dosh isn’t going to get hacked and is 100% safe. Their app is secured with 256-bit bank-level encryption technology which means their app is as safe as it gets. (The U.S military secures their data with this same level of encryption.)

With this level of security, it becomes virtually impossible to hack into their system—even if the hacker had access to the world’s fastest computers. 

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But Let’s Just Say Dosh Did Get Hacked… Would The Hacker Get My Information? 

If for some reason Dosh did get hacked (which, again, they won’t because it’s virtually impossible), the hacker still wouldn’t get access to your information. Dosh does not store password, credit or debit card data, or bank account information in the app or on their servers.

All of your private information is kept on a full-stack payment platform