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I know you’ve seen 100+ frugal living tips scattered over the internet.

But which tips are best? Which frugal living tips do you absolutely need and which aren’t worth your time?

As avid money savers, we’ve tried them all (well, most of them, anyways) but have only continued using a select few—the ones that result in the most free money and take zero time to use.

Otherwise, a money saving tip just isn’t worth it.

In fact, our #1 frugal living tip – the (free) Dosh App– checks ALL of our “money-saving” boxes. It collects free money (check), you can deposit our Dosh money directly into your bank account or redeem a free gift card (check), and the app requires 0 effort; it collects free money automatically (CHECK)!

Not to mention, Dosh has a free welcome bonus. Simply try the app out today, and Dosh will give you $1 for free! Learn exactly how this works in tip #1, below.

So here it is: a list of the best frugal living tips and ideas we’ve found so far that you need to use: 

Best Frugal Living Tips and Ideas For 2020

We’ve Categorized these Frugal Living Tips into 4 Main Categories:
  1. Money Saving Apps
  2. Money Hacks
  3. Frugal Living Lifestyle Changes
  4. Just For Fun

Money Saving Apps

1. Turn Your Debit Card into a Cash-Rewards Card! ($1+ Sign Up Bonus)

You know how a credit card works—receive 2% cashback on every purchase. But if you’re a die-hard debit card user, cashback perks aren’t available to you… Until now.

Try the Dosh App! Connect your debit OR credit card to the app, use your card like normal, and the Dosh app will silently collect money automatically, just like a credit card! Here’s just a peek at the 1,000+ retailers you could be earning free month from:

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After a few months, open the app to see how much free money you’ve accumulated. It’s always a treat to find enough cash for a free Iced Caramel Macchiato in your account for doing absolutely nothing.

What’s more, when you download Dosh with our link you’ll receive a $1 bonus just for linking your debit/credit card to the app! 

You can learn more about the Dosh App in our comprehensive Dosh App Review post.

2. Free Money at the Grocery Store ($20 Sign Up Bonus)

The moment Nikayla and I return home from the grocery store, we snap a pic of our receipt, and free money gets deposited into our Ibotta account.

Is Ibotta legit : Ibotta App Review

If you want to get paid to shop, you need the Ibotta app. And don’t worry, you won’t need to buy weird foods to earn money (that would defeat the purpose): just keep to your normal shopping habits, and Ibotta will give you money back for something in your grocery basket.

Download Ibotta here—you’ll get a bonus $20 just for trying it out—and start making easy money grocery shopping.  

Update 03/23/20: Ibotta has cash-back offers on grocery and restaurant delivery services:

DoorDash– $2.50 Cash Back on your first order
Instacart– 2% Cash Back
Grubhub– 10% Cash Back for new customers, 2% Cash Back for existing.
Blue Apron– $12.50 Cash Back for new subscribers
Home Chef- $10 Cash Back for new subscribers

Download the free Ibotta App here (and grab this $20 Welcome Bonus for trying it out)

Check out all of our Ibotta tips and tricks in our full review post.

3. Automatic Money for Shopping Online ($10 Sign Up Bonus)

If you’ve been paying full price while shopping online, frankly, you’ve been doing it wrong.  

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) wants to give you cash back on nearly all of your online order for virtually no effort on your part.

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Here’s how to make earning money with Rakuten effortless: After you create a free Rakuten account, download the Rakuten button. It will look something like this:

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Then, as you’re checking out from Khol’s or one of their 400+ online partners, the Rakuten button pops up to show you free money that should be yours. Just click that Rakuten button and you’re done.

It’s some of the easiest money you can make, and it’s another great way to cash out with free gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Olive Garden, and more.

Sign up for an Rakuten account here, and $10 will be added to your account after the first time you use Rakuten!

Don’t forget to get that button!

After you sign up for Rakuten, add the free Rakuten Extension (Chrome or Safari) here.

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4. Sweatcoin App- Get Paid To Walk

Nikayla and I love walking through nice neighborhoods to look at expensive houses. It gives us a chance to talk and dream and enjoy each other’s company.

But more recently, it’s been a chance to make money.

The app SweatCoin pays you to walk outside. After sharing your location with the app, the steps you take outside will be tracked in exchange for money!

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The more steps you take, the more money you earn. It’s just another incentive to get out and enjoy some fresh air every now and again. 

Download the free SweatCoin app and starting getting paid to walk!

Read more about Sweatcoin (and all the money you’re about to make) in our full Sweatcoin Review.

(4.5. Six Hacks to Save More Money)

Saving money is easy… once you know how to do it. If you’re living without the peace of mind of having lots of money in the bank, then you haven’t learned how to make saving money easy.

Our Free “Savings Account Accelerator” Workshop exercises 6 Money-Saving Hacks that not only teach you *how* to save money, but also how to save money faster than ever before. Don’t change your lifestyle to save money – use this free information to make saving money easy.

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Join our Free Workshop. Save Money (faster and with little effort) using these 6 Money-Saving Hacks