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Minimalist living forces you to remove all the clutter in your life which then, frees up more space for the things you love.

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Since you’re no longer consumed by unnecessary items or tasks, you can live the life you want.

What is minimalist living?

Minimalistic living doesn’t just include decluttering your home, it incorporates getting rid of the clutter in your finances, relationships, and mind.

25 Minimalist Living Tips to Easily Live Minimally

If you want to find ways to simplify your life, here are a few tips for launching the ultimate minimalist lifestyle.  

Minimize Your Expenses and Priorities

minimal living, how to live minimally, what is a minimalist, what does minimal mean, living minimal, minimalist living tips, minimalism | Budgeting Couple

The first step to minimalist living is to evaluate where you’re spending your money. You want to identify where your money goes every month.

It’s important to understand if you’re spending money on items you need or you’re spending money simply because you have the means to purchase them.

Here are a few things to look out for when reviewing your expenses.

1. Identify Money Leaks

A money leak is an amount of money you can’t determine how you spent. Money leaks consist of bank or investment fees and unnecessary expenses.

If you discover you’re paying a bank maintenance fee, you may want to look for another banking solution.

Online financial institutions such as CIT Bank and Radius Bank have no-fee checking and savings accounts that actually let you accrue interest.

Savings Builder

If you have to keep your account somewhere, why not earn interest on your account?

Discover an online banking option that fits your financial needs and minimalistic lifestyle:

2. State Your Financial Priorities

Next, examine your financial priorities. If you’re financial priorities and expenses don’t align, it’s time to make some adjustments.

One of the best minimalist tips you’ll receive is to prioritize your spending. For example, if you discover you’re spending a lot of money on a TV package every month but barely watch TV, you may want to cut this expense.

Why have an expensive TV package that you rarely use? You could be spending that money on things you actually enjoy, such as time with your family or weekend getaways.

Decide what you want to spend your money on and begin cutting back on your other expenses.

If you want help cancelling your unused subscriptions, check out our “Cancelling Subscriptions Guide” here.

3. Negotiate Lower Bills

Just because a service price is stated, doesn’t mean companies won’t offer deals and discounts for your loyalty. Often, all you have to do is simply ask and companies will give you the best rate they have.

Start calling your service providers to find the best deal. If your service provider won’t lower your bill, try looking for alternative options that cost less and offer better amenities.

A minimalist is always willing to ask for a deal. Don’t be afraid to ask for the price you deserve!

Or, if you’d rather have a trained professional negotiate on your behalf (for free) check out our top recommendations for bill negotiation services.

4. Hire an Assistant that Saves You Money

If you don’t want to spend your valuable time negotiating with your service providers, use a company like Trim to cut your spending.

Trim helps you negotiate your bills, analyze your spending habits, automate your savings, and gets rid of unwanted subscription services.

Trim App saving money on your internet bill

Trim is the ultimate minimalist companion for helping you simplify your life and use your money the way you want.

All you have to do is create a free account to get started with Trim. It’s as easy as that!

If you’re ready to cut your spending and increase your savings, sign up for Trim today!

Declutter Your Life

minimal living, how to live minimally, what is a minimalist, what does minimal mean, living minimal, minimalist living tips, minimalism | Budgeting Couple

How to do feel once you clean your space? Do you feel lighter and more productive? For most, they feel free when they declutter their life.

Additionally, decluttering is a great way to make a little extra money. Why keep unused items around your home, when could be making cash to put toward your financial goals?

If you have items lying around your home that you have no use for, it’s time to start purging. Here are a few suggestions on what to do with your items to make money while deflating your lifestyle.

5. Sell Your Items

With the advancement of technology, there are countless ways to sell your goods online. Make money now by listing them on sites like Letgo, 5Miles, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace.

All of these platforms make it simple to post and sell your things to buyers in need of your items.

Another way to sell your things is to conduct a yard or garage sale. All you have to do is pick a date, haul your items out onto your yard, list their prices, and post flyers around your community.

Before you know it, your neighbors will be knocking down your door to get your unwanted items.

6. Give Your Junk Away

Ever heard the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It may surprise you that other people in your life want your discarded stuff.

Before you sell everything, ask your friends and family if they want some of your items. This may ease the transition of riding your home of household junk.

Also, if you end up not selling everything, you could donate your things to a local charity.

This may leave you feeling a sense of abundance and happiness that you could give to those who are less fortunate. And, as an added bonus you can use your donations as a tax deduction.

7. Find Ways to Streamline Your Lifestyle

Additionally, you may want to find alternative items to help you streamline your lifestyle. For example, if you have a lot of books, you may want to purchase a Kindle or an iPad.

While this is an extra expense, it’s an investment for your future. It should help you save future dollars by making a small investment now.

Use some of the money you earned from selling your unused stuff. It may be one of the best minimalistic investment you’ve ever made.

Monitor Your Spending Habits

minimal living, how to live minimally, what is a minimalist, what does minimal mean, living minimal, minimalist living tips, minimalism | Budgeting Couple

Want to know how to live minimally? Try monitoring your spending habits. Your spending habits can derail your minimalistic lifestyle.

If you want to live a minimalist life, you need to carefully determine how you spend your money. Here are a few pointers for watching your spending habits.

8. Implement the 48-Hour Rule

If you have your heart set on a certain purchase, wait at least 48-hours before buying it. This will give you some time to contemplate if you actually need this item.

Often, you’ll find you don’t even want it.

Impulse purchases can put a dent in your wallet. Making the conscious choice to avoid this shopping activity will help you fulfill your minimalist responsibilities.

9. Buy for Quality Not Quantity

While quality items may cost you more, most are built to last. If you choose to spend your money on cheap items, you could find they constantly need to be replaced.

Investing your money and time into identifying things that are built to last will make sure you don’t have to shop as often to replace your worn or damaged goods.

So, review consumer feedback and ask for advice when making big purchase decisions.

10. Compare Prices

Sites like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, and Pronto allow you to compare prices to find the best deals by comparing the same items across different sites.

One of the best ways to live minimally is to do your research before purchasing any items. It’s imperative you find the best deal possible.

Another idea is to set up price trackers on sites like SlickDeals and CamelCamelCamel. These sites will send you a notification when the price drops on an item you’re in search of.

Taking proactive measures to identify the best deals and discounts is the only way minimalists live.

11. Remove Your Credit Card Information from Your Favorite Shopping Sites

If you love online shopping, you probably have your credit card information saved on your favorite sites. This can get you into trouble.

Saving your info makes it easy to purchase items at the drop of a hat.

You may want to consider removing your credentials to ensure you’re not making impulse purchasing. Your future self will thank you for spending less money.

Make the Most Out of Your Visits to The Grocery Store

minimal living, how to live minimally, what is a minimalist, what does minimal mean, living minimal, minimalist living tips, minimalism | Budgeting Couple

While we’re on the topic of shopping, minimalist tend to make the most of their grocery shopping experience.

Here are a few ways minimalists lower their grocery bills.

12. Earn Cash Back Every Time You Visit The Store

Do you enjoy free money? Well, you’re in luck because, Ibotta pays you $5 every time you go grocery shopping

Ibotta is a free mobile app (iOS and Android) that gives you Cash Back on your in-store and mobile purchases. You can get rebates on the items you already buy such as milk, eggs, and more

minimal living, how to live minimally, what is a minimalist, Ibotta legit : Ibotta App Review

It’s simple, just take a photo of your receipt and your Ibotta account automatically updates with a Cash Back reward.

You can redeem your free money in the form of a free Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, your favorite restaurant gift card, or PayPal cash.

Want to earn the most money possible with Ibotta? Check out our Ibotta explainer video.

Ready to start earning free money? Download the Ibotta app and instantly earn a $20 gift card for simply trying it out.

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13. Stick to a Grocery List

A minimalist doesn’t need excess items. The less they consume, the better. Therefore, creating a grocery list can help all minimalist ensure they aren’t purchasing too much.

Take an inventory of all the food you have in your home, then plan your weekly meals accordingly. You may even want to divide your grocery list into categories to make your grocery visit as quick as possible.

The less time you’re in the store, the less time you have to overspend.

14. Make Uses of the Ingredients You Already have

Do you ever look at your pantry and wonder how your leftover items will ever go together?

Well, sites like SuperCook, BigOven, and Tasty help you create amazing dishes with the items you already have in your cupboard and fridge.

Using the suggestions on their sites will also help you create a minimalistic grocery list.

What are you waiting for? Start getting in the habit of using all of your ingredients today. You never know what delicious meals you’ll come up with next.

15. Create Delicious Meals with $5 Meal Plan

If you struggle to find recipes that can help you stay within your budget and actually taste good, you should try $5 Meal Plan.

With $5 Meal Plan you can feed your family in one of two ways. You can use their pre-made weekly meals plans and grocery lists or build your own meal plan with their guidance.

minimal living, how to live minimally, $5 Meal Plan

Either way, you can save money and simplify your weekly meal planning process for just $5 a month.

Sign up with $5 Meal Plan’s no-risk Free 14-day trial today!

Save on Energy Costs

minimal living, how to live minimally, what is a minimalist, what does minimal mean, living minimal, minimalist living tips, minimalism | Budgeting Couple

You may assume that you have to drastically change your lifestyle in order to be a minimalist. However, contrary to popular belief, little adjustments can make a big difference.

This is especially true in reference to saving on energy costs. Little changes here and there can have a big impact on your energy bill.

Here are a few recommendations for getting started.

16. Turn Off the Water

Whether you’re brushing your teeth or about to hop in the shower, make sure you’re not using extra water. Brushing your teeth uses about 4 gallons of water per week.

This is not only wasteful but it’s costing you money. So, next time you go to shave or wash your hands, try to be conservative when using your water.

Use this chart to find ways to minimize your water use.

17. Avoid Phantom Energy Leaks

According to a study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council, nearly 25% of all residential energy utilization comes from idle devices.

Turning off your electronics is great way to conserve energy. But you can reduce even more energy by unplugging your television, laptop, lamps, chargers, and more.

Many electronic devices and appliances use electricity even when they’re not in use. Unplugging them is a quick and easy way to reduce your energy costs.

18. Control Your Thermostat

Another great way to save on energy costs is to install a remote thermostat.

Connecting a remote thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home from your mobile device. This way, you can turn off or set your thermostat to 78 degrees while at work (this is the best temperature for air conditioner efficiency).

Then, when you head home you can turn it on. [source]

Our favorite solution is the Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat. Homeowners save 23% every year on heating and cooling costs from simply changing over to this Smart Thermostat!

19. Cleanse Your Energy

Arcadia Power is a free service that helps you find more efficient and cleaner energy solutions. Once you sign up for an account, Arcadia Power actively tracks the market and negotiates lower electricity rates.

They also connect you with local community solar projects and buys renewable energy certificates from wind farms on your behalf.

minimal living, how to live minimally, Arcadia Power

Then, instead of your energy company sending your utility bill to you, they send it to Arcadia Power. By sending it directly to Arcadia Power, you’ll know what your utility charge is, how much you’ve saved, and how much clean energy you’ve helped generate.

By signing up for Arcadia Power you won’t have any adjustments to your energy service, just a more sustainable energy bill.

Create an Arcadia Power account and watch your electricity bill drop right before your eyes.

20. Switch Out Your Light Bulbs

Does anyone really enjoy changing light bulbs? It can be such a hassle to get the ladder out and change the lighting around your house.

If you find you’re having to change light bulbs often, you may want to switch to a more energy-efficient alternative.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are one of the most energy-efficient light bulbs on the market.

In fact, ENERGY STAR-qualified LEDs use only 20%–25% of the Energy and last 15 to 25 times longer than the traditional bulbs. [source]

Sylvania LED light bulbs are one of the best money saving energy products out there. These LED bulbs require less energy and will therefore save you money every month (on autopilot). With their 11,000 hour total lifespan, you won’t need to constantly change your light bulbs.

Check out the Sylvania LED Light Bulbs on Amazon here (they’re cheap too!)

Changing out your light bulbs is a quick and easy solution to decrease energy costs.

Adopt Minimalistic Travel Tricks

minimal living, how to live minimally, what is a minimalist, what does minimal mean, living minimal, minimalist living tips, minimalism | Budgeting Couple

Just because you’ve decided to live a minimalist life, doesn’t mean you can’t have a full life. If you’re consumed by wanderlust, you must adopt these minimalistic travel ways.

Next time you hit the road, try these simple minimalistic tips to maintain your life of simplicity.  

21. Pack Light

If your bags have ever gotten lost, you probably never wanted to check your luggage again. As a minimalistic traveler, it should be your goal to pack as light as possible.  

Purchase a durable carry-on that you can use on all of your travel adventures.

Packing a carry-on can help you save money and eliminate the stress of lugging around unnecessary baggage.

22. Opt for Inexpensive Accommodations

There are travel accommodations for every budget. You can select from hotels, vacation rentals, staying with friends, house sitting, hostels, and more.

You must determine what accommodations requirements are most important to you when planning your minimalist vacation.

Using accommodation sites like Aribnb, can help you connect with accommodation options within your price range. You can choose to rent a room in someone’s home or a private property.

Researching your options will help you select the best accommodations within your price range.

23. Visit Your Friends and Family

Instead of determining a destination and then planning a vacation around it, ask your friends and family if you can come to visit. Do you have an uncle in New York City? Or, perhaps you have a passed school mate that lives on the California coast?

No matter where your friends and family live, ask them if you can come to visit. Not only will you save money on lodging but they may be willing to show you around town.

24. Use Public Transportation

Another minimalistic travel hack is to use public transportation everywhere you go. It may not always be the most reliable but at least you will have more money to spend on food, drinks, and activities.

Using public transit is a great opportunity to relax, enjoy your surroundings, and even make new friends.

However, it’s important to factor in your travel time to your itinerary. This is because public transportation often takes a little bit longer to get from point “A” to point “B”.

25. Establish Price Alerts

If you decide to fly to your travel destination, start by reviewing Google Flights. It’s a wonderful tool to find the best flights at the lowest prices.

Additionally, you could set up price alerts for your desired location. Sites like Kayak and Travelocity allow you to establish an alert when your desired flight itinerary drops in price.

Quick Minimalists Travel Tip: Flexibility is the key to finding the best fares.

Make a Minimalist Action Plan

Implementing a minimalism life can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why it’s important to have a minimalist action plan in place to help with this transition.

It’s important to develop a strategy for how you want to spend your money and maintain your new lifestyle.

If your objective is to spend more time with your family participating in inexpensive activities, you’ll have to spend time researching and planning frugal events.

Or, if you want to sustain a healthier way of living, you may want to invest your time in weekly meal planning and finding healthy recipes.

Keep in mind, all changes don’t have to happen at once. You can start by focusing on one aspect and then move on to the next. This will streamline your conversion to minimalist living and reduce the stress of change.

Taking on a lot of change at once may discourage your progress. Start slow. A good first step is to lower your bills.

Is your internet provider overcharging you? If they are, Trim will negotiate a lower internet bill on your behalf.

The free Trim app wants to lower your internet bill, cable bill, and medical bills. They’ll even ID your forgotten subscriptions so you can take those expenses off your plate (talk about decluttering your expenses).

What’s more, Trim doesn’t cost a dime. They only take a small percentage of the savings they find for you.

Download Trim. Create your free account here so that Trim can find your inflated expenses and cut them down.

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