It is easy to subscribe to a service and forget about it. You sign up for a free trial. The free trial ends. Then you’re paying a monthly fee for a service you no longer use.

It is easy to overspend on bills like cable, phone, internet, and medical because these expenses can be negotiated lower. The problem is that nobody has the time for a long negotiation session. (If you’ve negotiated with an internet company, you know it takes hours to get anywhere.)

Thanks to the the Trim app, lowering your bills is easier than ever. Forget about having to deal with a customer service rep whose sole job is to keep you from canceling, and don’t worry about endless call transfers to speak to a supervisor.

Trim specializes in canceling subscriptions and negotiating bills. Trim does all the work. You save $500 every year.

Trim App Review

Trim negotiates your bills lower. Trim helps you locate and cancel unwanted subscriptions. Trim wants to lower your monthly bills.

Here is a full list of of its money-saving features:

  • Bill negotiation services
  • Subscription cancelation
  • Analyze your spending patterns
  • Automate your savings
  • Customize a debt payoff plan

Does Trim Save You Money?

The average Trim user saves $625. Trim saved their users over $1 million in the past month and more than $70 million overall. Yes, Trim can save you money.

Is Trim a Free Service?

Trim is free to try. Because if Trim cannot lower your bills, you pay nothing.

When Trim does save you money, they take a 15% fee. That means you keep 85% of your savings the first year and 100% of your savings every year after that. For example, if Trim saved you $10/month, they would request their 15% fee ($18) immediately. Then you keep 100% of the savings after that.

Other services can be added to you account for a fee. Taking advantage of these services is key to hitting the average yearly savings of $625.

Analyze Spending (Free)

When you securely link your credit cards and bank accounts to Trim, it will analyze your spending to see where your money goes. This is a free service.

Automated Savings

Trim’s Simple Savings lets you put your savings on autopilot. Set an amount to be automatically deposited into a savings account that will pay you 1.1% APR. The fee is only $2 a month.

Debt Payoff

Trim will create a custom debt payoff plan for you that takes into account your credit card amounts and interest rates. It will work to negotiate lower APRs for you to help you get out of debt faster. The fee is $10 a month.

Is the Trim App Safe?

Trim uses 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe. As it collects and analyzes data, you can be sure the highest standards are in place to protect your personal information.

This level of encryption, when maintained between all channels of communication between you and your bank, is virtually unguessable.

How Does Trim Work?

Once you sign up and connect your bank account and credit cards to Trim, the search for money-saving opportunities will be on – and you will be the benefactor. When a recurring subscription charge is detected, Trim will ask you if you wish to cancel the service.

Why Does Trim Need my Bank and Credit Card Information?

Trim scans past bank statements to identify recurring monthly fees (forgotten subscription services). When a recurring subscription charge is detected, Trim will ask you if you wish to cancel the service.

Trim needs a credit card on file in order to collect payment for successful bill negotiation.

How to Sign Up for Trim

Visit the Trim website to sign up for your free account. Connect a phone number (so that Trim can communicate with you via text message) and connect your bank account to Trim. Once completed, Trim will start scouring your account for hidden savings.

Sign up with Trim and start saving today.

Final Thoughts

Rather than scouring your credit card statements for forgotten subscriptions or negotiating a bill lower with a CSR, just send Trim to do the work for you. Get on board with a financial assistant like Trim right now to lower your monthly bills now.

Sign up for Trim here

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