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Living frugally doesn’t mean depriving yourself. There are many ways to save while enjoying life and having fun.

But how can you live cheap and still do the things you love? Hint: it’s not all about clipping coupons.

Living cheaply doesn’t mean eating rice and beans and washing your Ziploc® bags. There are many different ways to save on anything from groceries to razors and even video games.

And just because you pay less doesn’t mean you get less. Often, you can continue buying the same products. Here’s how to live on the cheap and save on what you’re already planning to buy anyway.

Cheap Living Ideas to Save You Cash

How To Live Cheap – Table of Contents:

Services That Help You Live Cheap

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1. Ibotta (+ $20 Welcome Bonus)

One of the easiest ways to save money is by using a cash-back app such as Ibotta. First, go grab yourself $20 just for signing up (we’ll wait). Next, download the app and look at the list of stores where it offers rebates.

You will find many grocery stores and big box stores such as Walmart, Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club. Before each shopping trip, browse the list of rebates and add any that match up with what you plan to buy for that day.

Is Ibotta legit : Ibotta App Review

Many of the rebates are for brand-name items but there are some that allow you to save in a general category such as bread, pasta, milk, eggs, etc. Some of the rebates may require you to watch a quick video before you can add them.

Go shopping as usual, matching your purchases with the brand and size on your Ibotta list. When you get home, just scan your receipt and wait 24-48 hours for the money to hit your account.

Here’s your $20 bonus for trying it out

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Here’s a detailed review of Ibotta with tips and tricks for using the app

Update 03/23/20: Ibotta has cash-back offers on grocery and restaurant delivery services:

DoorDash– $2.50 Cash Back on your first order
Instacart– 2% Cash Back
Grubhub– 10% Cash Back for new customers, 2% Cash Back for existing.
Blue Apron– $12.50 Cash Back for new subscribers
Home Chef- $10 Cash Back for new subscribers

Download the free Ibotta App here (and grab this $20 Welcome Bonus for trying it out)

2. Dosh ($1 Welcome Bonus)

If you are looking for a mindless way to save money, check out Dosh. It’s an app that gives you a percentage cash back for purchases made at certain retailers.

To get started, you must add the credit cards you use most often for shopping to your Dosh wallet. Worried about handing over your credit card digits? Dosh uses bank-level security to encrypt your information and protect it from hackers.

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Use the app to find retailers in your area where you can get cash back. This can include anything from the corner Exxon gas station to restaurants or big box store such as Walmart or Target.

When you go shopping and use your registered card to pay, you’ll get cash back from your rewards credit card + automatic cash back from the Dosh app.

Here’s $1 for adding the first credit card to your Dosh wallet

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Here’s an in-depth review of Dosh so you can see how it works

3. Rakuten ($10 Sign-up Bonus)

One of the best ways to save money while shopping online is to use It’s an online portal that gives you a percentage of your purchase as cash back.

To get started, you need to open a free account (here’s a free $10 bonus) and search for the stores where you want to shop.

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When you’re ready to make a purchase, click on the link from the Rakuten shopping portal and you’ll be redirected to the retailer. Make your purchase as usual and check your Rakuten account to see the cash back credit reflected. Keep in mind that this may take a couple of days.

Here’s $10 just for trying Rakuten

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Use a Bidet. Europeans use them. It’s time for us to get on board. Here’s a couple of options on Amazon right now:

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4. Paribus

The shoes you bought last week are now on sale and you’re kicking yourself for overpaying. However, getting a price match seems like too much of a hassle. What if someone can do that for you?

Enter Paribus by Capital One. This service monitors your online shopping receipts by scanning your inbox. It tracks your confirmation emails and watches for price changes. If it detects potential savings, it let you know and help you get money back.

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Paribus monitor over 25 large retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. In addition, you can get a refund on a hotel room booked through some of the largest travel sites such as Expedia, Priceline and

Sign Up for your free Paribus Account here