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Are you tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you want to improve your financial health? Wouldn’t it feel great to pay off your car early? Your house? Your credit cards? 

Nearly 60 million people are earning extra money by working part-time. Many have even left the rigors of a 9 to 5 job and have become full-time freelancers, and they are doing something they love.

If you don’t have time to research all of the companies that hire part-time help or freelance workers, you are in luck, technology has changed the way people are getting paid, and companies like Steady have done all of the heavy lifting for you! 

Steady has created software for people looking to increase their income and plan for their financial future. 

More than 1.5 million people are part of the Steady community, and they connect with a wide selection of on-demand job opportunities. The average person using Steady earns an extra $4,000 a year.

You can sign up for Steady online or download the mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

Sign up now and browse Steady for a part-time or freelance job that pays well and allows you to work the hours that best suits you and your family.

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Part-Time Jobs that Pay Well

make money with your car

How would your world change with some extra cash? Will it give you some peace of mind and reduce your stress level? Will it give you a chance to breathe knowing you don’t have to check your bank balance all the time? Give these part-time gigs a chance, and you will move closer to achieving your financial goals.


Want to drive for money, but don’t want to deal with passengers? With DoorDash you won’t mess with passengers, just deliveries.


With DoorDash, you can expect daily work delivering meals to customers. And, you get to set your own schedule. You let DoorDash know when you can work. Your salary is based on a formula: base pay + promotions + tips = total earnings. Dashers earn about $14 an hour, according to data on

Sign up for DoorDash to earn money when you want.


Postmates delivers “Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.” Postmates has transformed how goods move throughout a city with its on-demand delivery model.

When you drive for Postmates, you earn money:

  • For each completed pick-up
  • For each completed drop-off
  • A per-minute-rate for the time you spend at the pick-up location
  • A per-mile rate for the distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations
  • 100% of the tips you earn

Sign up in a snap and start working toward a bonus. A recent incentive offers drivers a chance to earn $900 after completing 100 deliveries.


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Part-Time Jobs You Can Work from Home

Part-Time Job from Home

Want to earn some extra cash, but don’t want to leave your home? No problem. Many people work a part-time job from the comfort of their favorite chair! The kicker is that many part-time gigs pay very well, and there just might be one waiting for you. Check out this sample:

Part-Time Jobs Online

Spending hours in search of a part-time job can be exhausting. Thanks to technology, you can look for well-paying, part-time jobs hassle-free. Many mobile apps and websites maintain databases full of companies waiting for your application. Here are a few to consider:


Steady has a mission to build better financial futures for its members — all 1.5 million of them. So far, it looks like they are succeeding. They have an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is an adviser and advocate for Steady.

If you enjoy writing, check out positions on Steady, a recent posting advertised a pay rate up to $50,000 per year.


The company offers job services in more than 50 categories and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Visit Flexjobs right now and discover jobs like this photography position that pays $33.40 per hour in Olive Branch, Miss.


SolidGigs boasts it offers job seekers “the best freelance jobs, hand-picked and delivered daily.” Who doesn’t want to receive new job alerts every day? A 30-day trial to SolidGigs is just $2 before you receive a monthly charge. Sign up and see what alerts SolidGigs sends your way.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely boasts that it has 2.5 million monthly visitors to its website each month, and if numbers don’t lie, that will make it a top contender to help you find your next freelance gig. If you enjoy working from a remote location, there are positions like the Interpersonal Sales/Business Development job which will pay you up to $25 per hour. 

Part-Time Jobs with Benefits

Part-Time Job

Many people cling to full-time jobs they hate solely for the benefits. The No. 1 fear revolves around the loss of health insurance. Retirement remains a top priority, too. Many workers worry Social Security will not pay enough or be solvent when they retire. On top of this, Americans struggle to save money for retirement, according to a CNBC report

So what if you could earn benefits with a part-time job? (Maybe it will give you time to pursue your passion with a side hustle?) 

If benefits prove to be a priority for you to protect your family, investigate these companies that offer part-time employees more than just a paycheck — they offer benefits, too.

Activision Blizzard

Like video games? Could you imagine yourself working for a video game development company? Potential benefits include a 401(k) account and dental coverage, among others.

American Red Cross

Want to help your community by working for the leader in emergency response and disaster relief? The Red Cross offers benefits like health insurance and professional career development opportunities for specific roles.

JPMorgan Chase

Work 20 hours or more for JPMorgan Chase, and you will be eligible for medical, life, dental, vision insurance, and long-term disability benefits.


This famous coffee company offers employees who work 20 hours or more incentives that may include bonuses, 401(k) matching, and discounted stock purchase options.

Home Depot

A leader in the home improvement products market, Home Depot offers eligible part-time employees benefits like health, life, and dental insurance, and assistance with life-changing events.


Work for this family-owned supermarket chain, and you could be eligible for health coverage, life insurance, wellness incentives, and a 401(k) program.

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Remote Part-Time Jobs

Part-Time Job Remote

Are you a wanderer and live life on-the-move? Immersed in that #vanlife? Still searching for the right place to call home? Job hunters consider working remotely a great perk. People with the right skills can work from virtually anywhere.

Check out these jobs that can be performed from almost any location with internet access:

Account Executive

Have a knack for sales? Don’t want to be micromanaged? You might thrive with CVEDIA, a tech company that partners with visionary businesses to create groundbreaking machine learning projects.

Can you build business and close contracts that range in size from $50,000 to $1 million a year? Top-level account executives earn approximately $90,000 per year, according to

Media Buyer

Can you identify opportunities and collaborate with marketing teams? If so, your dream job awaits you. Check out these opportunities to work remotely. If you have experience planning, executing and managing digital campaigns, indicates that media buyers can earn up to $65,000 per year.

Content Writer

Do you love to write engaging material? Can you research topics and develop a story promptly? If so, then check out this job listing on to become a freelance writer. says that you can earn approximately $45,000 per year on average as a content writer.

Social Media

Can you spot growth opportunities and produce top-notch content for vario