Clutter has no choice but to sneak its way into our homes. After all, we are consumers. We buy the stuff we like, as we should!

But as our home fills up with more and more stuff, stuff becomes clutter. It becomes less useful, less special, less practical. Your space feels chaotic and noisy (not to mention difficult to clean).

With too much stuff, the house starts to feel agitating.

Clutter is a spectrum. You get to decide how much stuff you like to keep so that your space feels homey and comfortable to you. 

All you need is a plan to maintain your home’s clutter with ease and consistency.

The Challenge:

  1. Recognize what clutter is:  bringing new items into your homes without removing old ones.  
  2. Adopt the three practices below. 

Our goal is to make this challenge realistic and attainable. You can maintain a clutter-free home without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Find Passive Proactivity

You don’t need to tackle decluttering your home with full force. Remember, you just need more stuff leaving your home than coming in. 

Find a passive proactivity when it comes to clearing your clutter. Simply notice when stuff inconveniences you. Then throw it away or donate it. 

Set out a box (maybe your next Amazon box) for clutter accumulation. When you say to yourself, “why do I have this?” toss it in the box for donation. 

Don’t force it. It really is a joy to part ways with stuff that in no way serves you. 

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2. Explore One Hide-Away Every Month:

Time to go treasure hunting. Clutter accumulates in hidden storage spaces throughout your home. 

Each month, explore one of your “hide-away” areas. Keep it simple. Throw away the trash. Give away the stuff you don’t want. 

Hide-aways are fun to explore. It seems they always keep something you’ve lost.  

And you’ll make room for a more organized living environment.

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3. Before You Buy, Know Where It Goes:

A place for everything and everything in its place. 

Sure it’s cliche, but this one rule alone is the solution to keeping a cluttered free home.

This is also a great rule to keep in mind whenever you’re making a new purchase.

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Before buying something new, ask yourself where it will go when you’re not using it. If you can’t envision a designated spot for the item in your home, consider whether you truly need it. 

By adopting this habit, you’ll avoid bringing unnecessary clutter into your space and maintain a more streamlined lifestyle.

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Challenge Accepted

As you embrace this decluttering challenge and incorporate these habits into your daily life, you’ll notice your home becoming more functional, organized, and easier to keep clean. 

Enjoy the spaciousness and tranquility of a clutter-free living environment, knowing that you’ve taken proactive steps to create a space that supports your well-being and happiness.

With consistency and determination, you’ll soon reap the rewards of a simplified and stress-free living space. Happy decluttering!

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