Kitchen countertops naturally attract various items beyond kitchen essentials – mail, purses, jackets, toys, keys, vitamins, etc.

They’re natural drop spots for random items and kitchen appliances that collect dust. 

When it comes to decluttering kitchen countertops, there are quick fixes that will make your kitchen feel calmer and more spacious. 

Follow these easy tips for decluttering kitchen countertops and you’ll be back to enjoying meal prep and entertaining in no time. 

1. Remove Everything That Doesn’t Serve a Purpose

Empty counter space is so resourceful. You need that space for the temporary setting down of things. 

When you come home, the kitchen can be a quick spot to set things. Or when you’re leaving the home, it can be a hub for everything that goes out the door.

And we haven’t even mentioned how much time you save while cooking.

When your kitchen counter is cluttered, your home is less functional. 

What do you have on your countertops that don’t belong? A pile of mail? A bowl of random stuff that doesn’t get touched?  

If it doesn’t serve a purpose in your kitchen, it shouldn’t be taking up valuable kitchen counter space.

You should notice a difference as soon as you clear away the obvious clutter.

2. Do Away with Countertop Kitchen Appliances

It’s okay for kitchen appliances to occupy some space on your countertops. 

But how many kitchen appliances claim space on your counters? 

How many of those kitchen appliances go unused?

Go through them one by one. 

Unless you use them every day, consider storing appliances like your KitchenAid, toaster, or juicer in a cabinet or pantry. 

Do you already have kitchen appliances in storage? If you don’t use them, donate or sel it.

3. Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

Everything in your kitchen should serve a purpose, that includes inside your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are not hide-aways. Dig in there. Can you find some things you haven’t touched in years? Why hold onto it? 

Clear some space for organized storage of items that you actually use. 

Because when you have storage, it makes it that much easier to keep your kitchen countertops clean and clear.

Here are a few tips to declutter your cabinets and drawers to make space…

  • Get rid of anything that you no longer need. 
  • Donate duplicates. 
  • Reorganize what remains.
  • Invest in storage solutions, such as an under cabinet layered shelving storage for pots and pans.

As you clean out, move the remaining items on your countertops to their new home. 

4. Wipe Down Counters Every Night

Now that you have a calmer and more spacious kitchen, you want to keep it that way. 

Start a new tradition of wiping down the counters every night before bed with an all-purpose cleaner.

Not only does this disinfect after cooking, but it’s also a great way to make sure you put  away all your stuff that accumulates on the counter throughout the day.

If you do this nightly, your kitchen countertops will remain clutter-free and you’ll feel so much better in the morning. 

Take Back Your Counter Space

Get back to enjoying your kitchen and take back your counter space.

Use the following tips to declutter and clean your kitchen countertops.

  • Remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose.
  • Say goodbye to unnecessary kitchen appliances or find a place to store them out of sight.
  • Clean out kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • Make a nightly routine of wiping down countertops. 

You got this!