What if I told you that you could change your life in 48 hours? 

It’s possible. Just give yourself one weekend and you’ll be on your way to a better (and happier) you. 

Some of the smallest things we do have the biggest effects on our lives. 

Take just a few hours out of your busy life to do something small but meaningful, and I promise, you will see the difference sooner than you think. 

Here are 7 things to do this weekend that will change your life in a positive way.

1. Create a Sleep Schedule

Studies show sleep improves your mood, brain performance, and overall health. And that we need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night. 

But it’s not enough to get sleep.

You need a sleep routine.  

First things first, answer these questions. 

  • What time are you ending the day to get ready for bed?
  • What time are you in bed falling asleep?
  • What time are you waking up?
  • On average, how much sleep do you get each night?  

If you’re lacking sleep, determine what time you need to get ready for bed each night to get enough sleep.

If you have a hard time falling asleep, make a commitment to turn off the TV and dim the lights 30 minutes before bedtime. 

Set your alarm to remind you daily when it’s time for lights out. 

Make a commitment to your health and well-being and implement your new sleep routine this weekend. Your future self will thank you!

2. Start a Hobby

We all have something we want to try, but we sit on it and say, “Someday.” 

Let this weekend be “Someday!” 

Whatever it is you’ve been dreaming of trying, there are tons of free resources to help you get going today. 

YouTube makes it easy to learn how to do all sorts of things. 

Check with your local Facebook groups and see what workshops or training are coming up. 

Don’t let money stop you! The library offers free classes and info on almost any subject. 

3.Create a Budget 

If you’re spending more money than you’re bringing in, chances are, you’re stressed. 

Finances are a major stressor. But they don’t have to be. 

Take this weekend to start a budget – one you can easily stick to!

Be honest about how much money you earn and how much is spent each month for expenses. 

Don’t judge. Just list it out so you can see where your money is going. 

Then, decide which expenses you can cut. Cancel those income-draining subscriptions. Decide now to cut back on certain areas. 

The final step is to design your budget.  

You don’t need to track your necessary expenses. That money will be spent regardless of a budget. 

Instead, create one budget and track only discretionary spending.

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4. Download Free Apps

There are a few apps and services that offer free money. Here are some of our favorite cash back apps and services (they are all free to use):

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5. Declutter Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is a cluttered mess, it means you start and end your day in a messy state. 

Imagine what it would feel like if you woke up, got ready for the day, and everything was easy to find, and all the surfaces were clear. 

All you need to do is set aside a few hours and you’ll be one step closer to stress-free mornings and evenings.  

Start with the shower. Get rid of any empty bottles or old products. 

Move on to the bathroom drawers. Toss anything expired. Say goodbye to unnecessary duplicates. 

Clean off the surfaces. Remember, the goal is for everything in your bathroom to have a purpose and its own space.  

6. Buy a Plant

A quick and easy way to improve your life is to buy a plant. 

Along with making your space more beautiful and welcoming, plants also help improve the quality of air, boost moods, and reduce stress. 

Start with a room you spend the most time in and get a plant specifically for that spot. 

7. Get a Library Card

Today’s libraries offer way more than books. 

They have digital items, including e-books, audiobooks, music, movies, newspapers, and magazines. 

All of which you can borrow for FREE. 

My local library even offers free fitness classes, game meetups, classes, tax help, and more. 

They also have a MakerSpace where library patrons have access to Cricut machines, embroidery machines, 3D printers, and more. 

Make This Weekend Life-Changing

Even if you don’t accomplish all 7 things on this list, you’ll feel more accomplished and be on your way to a new you! 

  • Creating a sleep schedule, decluttering your bathroom, and buying a plant will help reduce stress and improve your health.
  • Start a budget and get a library card to improve your finances. 
  • Upgrading your downtime with a new hobby will expand your life.