Christina Scalise, a professional organizer and author, wrote, “Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency. Reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” It’s not about making your life look picture-perfect. It’s about making your life work for you.

By organizing your life, you won’t be thrown into a tizzy whenever something comes up. You won’t fly by the seat of your pants or wonder where all your money went. Plus, it will help you take control of your day-to-day life and finances.

Use these 7 tips to organize your time, money, and home, and you will have others wanting to enroll in an adulting class taught by you.

1. Plan Meals in Advance

When you don’t have time to cook a meal, eating out or swinging by the drive-thru is the faster option. But that doesn’t mean it is the best option. Eating out is expensive and usually not healthy. 

Instead, spend time each week meal planning. When you spend one evening cooking dinner for the next few nights, you will save serious time and money. 

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2. Automate Whatever You Can

There are some bills and tasks that we must pay or complete every month. That’s why it is so frustrating when we miss a deadline, due date, or run out of a basic essential. With today’s technology, there is no reason this should ever happen. All it takes is automating as much as possible. 

  • Sign up for auto-pay to have your bills drafted from your checking account automatically. 
  • Sign up to have prescriptions automatically refilled. 
  • Sign up for services that delivers your toiletries at a 15% discount (more on this below).

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Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program allows users to sign up for recurring deliveries – like toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towels, deodorant, coffee, pet food, laundry detergent, and OTC medications. 

Subscribe and Save also lets you choose the delivery schedule (every other week, once a month, every three months, etc.) In addition to regular deliveries of these necessities, you receive a discount. If you sign up to receive 5 or more products in one auto-delivery to one address, you’ll save even more (15%). 

So if you’re looking for a sound strategy to stop running out on essentials and save money, check out Amazon Subscribe and Save.

3. Clear Your Closet

You know the saying: Out of sight, out of mind. That’s what happens when we start stuffing our closets full of clutter. Whether it’s clothes that no longer fit, board games we no longer play, or gifts we’ll never use, our closets become breeding grounds for unwanted items. Clutter leads to chaos, not only in our homes but also in our minds.

So, we need to empty our closets and quit filling them with things we don’t want to make a decision on. Here’s a really simple process to clear the clutter: Gather all that stuff and sell it. People sell on Facebook Marketplace every day. If it doesn’t sell, donate it to your favorite thrift shop. With the money you earn, treat yourself to new clothes you will wear.

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4. Minimize Mindless Activities

Why is it that we’re always “too busy” to put effort into doing something enjoyable? It’s because we’re sucked into the time-warp that is TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. (What’s your daily screen time average?) 

Mindless activities disrupt the flow of the day. We procrastinate our chores using social media. We give up on meaningful, effort-required activities because we’d rather sit and relax. But we won’t relax. We’ll occupy our minds with more social media. 

It’s time to minimize mindless activities and be more intentional each day. We need to free up time for meaningful activities, like learning a new hobby or learning how to play an instrument. Or, maybe we genuinely spend time relaxing in silence, clearing our minds and heightening our focus. Try this and watch how your life changes for the better.

5. Boost Your Savings

Even the most organized, put-together person will face an emergency. What would you do if your car needs new brakes? Do you have the cash to pay for them? Would you have to borrow the money?

Those who have their lives organized will likely have money saved for just these moments. Having an emergency fund helps to avoid major disruptions in your routine. Avoid the temptation to spend all the money you earn so you can automate your savings and set aside cash for emergencies. 

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When it comes to savings, choose a savings account that will grow over time. The CIT Savings Builder is an excellent choice for this very reason. It boasts an earning potential up to 6 times the national average. The banner below shows the current APY offered by CIT. 

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6. Declutter Your Space

Is it hard to find the surface of your desk or nightstand? Do your bookshelves seem to sag from the weight of books and other objects? If so, you have a clutter problem. Physical clutter is more than just an eyesore. It clutters up our mental space, too. That’s why it is time to go paperless. 

Start decluttering the most frequented areas of your house. Maybe it’s a desk or table. Remove everything that is not adding function to the space. Donate or throw away everything you don’t need. For the stuff you do keep, put it in its place. Decluttering is key for organizing your life. 

Empty Your Physical Shelves And Stock Your Audible Library

As much as we love the look and smell of a book, too many books can lead to a cluttered space. We would never suggest getting rid of your reading material. Instead, we suggest shifting to paperless forms of reading material, such as an e-reader or audiobooks. 

When it comes to audiobook selection, Audible has the best. Audible subscribers also enjoy free access to original podcasts and other engaging content. There is no limit to how many books you can store in your digital Audible library – and they won’t take up any space in your home! Best of all? You can try Audible free for 30 days.

7. Embrace a Schedule

Do you tend to run late? Have you ever double-booked yourself? Is your family constantly rushing from one place to the next? If so, you need to embrace a schedule. Pull out your calendar and write down every appointment, meeting, and activity your family has this month. 

Pay special attention to your regular routine. If it requires your time, you need to schedule it. 

Embracing a schedule doesn’t just help you organize your life. Research has shown that routines help improve sleep, boost cognitive function, and reduce anxiety.  

To get started, we recommend putting yourself on a sleep schedule. Set it up and stick to it. Rushing around is usually the consequence of pushing snooze a few too many times. 

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