Houseplants do more than bring nature inside and add to the decor of a space. Some purify the air and reduce allergies, while others reduce stress and others promote relaxation. 

We’ve selected 11 houseplants for their health and wellness benefits. Check them out below and get your green thumb ready. 

1. Areca Palm/Bamboo Palm

acea palm- plants that improve your health

This tropical plant with long, slender stems and bright green fronds adds a touch of the tropics to your home while purifying the air. 

It also removes toxins such as formaldehyde (smoking, flooring, and furniture), benzene (in glues, paints, furniture wax, and detergents), and trichloroethylene (in some cleaning wipes, tool cleaners, paint removers, and carpet cleaners).

These toxins can cause a variety of health problems such as headaches, nausea, respiratory issues, and even cancer. Breathe easier with an areca palm in your home.

2. Boston Fern

fern- plants that improve your health

Ferns, especially the Boston fern, scrub the air in your home 24/7 like the natural air purifiers they are.

The lush foliage helps remove those harmful toxins from your indoor atmosphere, and at the same time the fern releases moisture into the air. This can help with dry skin and dry noses, making the Boston fern ideal for creating a healthier home environment.

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3. Chrysanthemums/Potted Mums

potted mums- plants that improve your health

Vibrant chrysanthemums will brighten up your space with their beautiful colors and varied shapes while improving your health. 

Chrysanthemums also reduce indoor air pollution by removing toxins from the environment and releasing moisture back into the air.

The beauty of these plants is believed to improve your mood, which can reduce stress. This is why you want some of these potted mums in your home.

4. English Ivy

ivy- plants that improve your health

The cascading vines and green, heart-shaped leaves with a whitish accent on the edges make the English ivy a beautiful addition to any home. That would be reason enough to add this ivy to your home, but the health benefits are too good to be ignored.

This versatile plant has been known to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. English Ivy also purifies the air by removing toxins, and a study showed it reduces air-borne mold spores and provides some relief from allergies.

5. Weeping Fig/Ficus Benjamina

weeping ficus- plants that improve your health

It is said that the Buddha sat under a Weeping Fig for 49 days and gained enlightenment. We don’t know if this ficus will do the same for you, but you can try.

Along with this plant’s spiritual history, people love the Weeping Fig because of its calming presence with its wavy, green leaves and braided trunk. It also reduces toxins, making it a terrific addition to the bedroom.

6. Gerbera Daisies/African Daisies

The bright, vivid colors of the Gerbera daisies with their petals and flowers that look like sunbursts make them a wonderful choice for a houseplant.

These daisies brighten any room and will lift your mood and reduce stress. They are also known for their air purification and allergy-relief properties. 

7. Jasmine

Jasmine is a fragrant houseplant that will instantly lift your spirits with its alluring fragrance, its white flowers, and lush green leaves.

Jasmine offers health benefits as an air-purifying plant, and the calming effect of its fragrance can help reduce anxiety levels and improve sleep quality. The sweet, floral scent is used in aromatherapy because of its soothing and uplifting properties.

Because it creates a calming atmosphere, jasmine is ideal for the home and office.

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8. Lavender

lavender- plants that improve your health

Lavender is a plant fit for royalty. For centuries, lavender’s fragrant, purple flower has been used to promote calm and relaxation, making it one of the most powerful plants out there when it comes to improving your health.

King Charles VI of France in the late 1300s announced he wanted lavender stuffed in his pillows so he could sleep well and in his seat cushions for its calming effects.

Add lavender, with its silverish green leaves and purple flowers, to your home and bask in the soothing vibes.

9. Peace Lilies

peace lilies- plants that improve your health

The striking white flowers of the peace lily rise from the green leaves and stalks and look like peace flags waving in the wind. They should because that’s how the peace lily got its name.

These plants will help you feel at peace in your home with their calming presence. And they help purify the air. When you bring a peace lily into your home, you will improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

10. Philodendrons

philodendron- plants that improve your health

Philodendrons are another excellent choice for anyone looking to add some health-enhancing greenery to a room. Their large, porous leaves love to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Not only do philodendrons improve the air quality in your home, but they also release moisture to combat the dryness in your home and your dry skin.

11. Rubber plants

rubber plant- plants that improve your health

The rubber plant, with its lush, glossy, waxy leaves and sturdy trunk adds style and function to your space. The function is to help improve your health.

The large leaves absorb toxins and make the air in your home much cleaner. If you are allergic to pollen, a rubber plant is good for you — it doesn’t contain any.

If you implement Feng Shui principles in your home, you will want a rubber plant. The leaves soften the hard corners in rooms, and the plant represents abundance, happiness, and wealth.

We know health is wealth, so you will want to adorn your place with health-boosting plants. When you do: 

  • You will breathe better because they act like air purifiers.
  • Your mood and spirit will be boosted, giving you more energy and making you productive.
  • The calming effects of the plants reduce stress, promote relaxation, and help you sleep better.

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