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Being the frugal living fanatic I am, I LOVE finding new ways to save money and get cash back when I shop! ebates tips, ebates, ebates review, ebates shopping, how to use ebates, ebates hacks, ebates website, ebates hacks when shopping on a budget

Lately, I have been gravitating towards online shopping (for just about everything)!

There’s nothing like sitting in a cozy robe, sipping a cup of coffee, and getting all your errands done from the comfort of your couch!

Now, my love affair for online shopping has probably quadrupled in the last few months (I didn’t even realize this was possible) all because of a new discovery I made: EBATES!

I had heard about Ebates before, but I honestly didn’t believe all the hype.  Boy, was I wrong!

Ebates literally pays you to shop online! All you have to do is go to their site before you start online shopping!

Today, I want to share with you:

  • My full Ebates review
  • Exactly how to sign up (and earn a bonus $10.00)
  • What you need to do to make money
  • AND 6 Bonus Ebates Hacks for making and saving the most money possible!

Click here to sign up for Ebates today and earn a $10 cash welcome gift after spending your first $25 online! 


What is Ebates? 

Ebates is a website that pays you to shop online at specific retailers (they have over 2,000 retailers to choose from)!

Depending on the store, you can earn anywhere from 2% to 40% cash back (yes, I said 40%) on every single online purchase!

They even compile all of the coupons, sales, and discount codes for every retailer on their site. Ebates is seriously your one-stop-shop for saving money when shopping online!

How to Use Ebates

Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for Ebates here
  2. Save it to your Favorites or Bookmarks (so you don’t forget to use it before shopping)
  3. Search for your favorite online retailer
  4. Hit the “Shop Now” button of the store you are purchasing from
  5. Load up your cart and checkout just like normal!

By simply going to Ebates before you start shopping online, you will earn tons of cash.

You won’t even have to deal with the hassle of redeeming points or sending in receipts! Just sit back and wait to get paid!

You’ll get an email confirming your cash back amount, and Ebates will send your check in the mail or put that money straight into your PayPal account!

Some of the more popular online stores Ebates has to choose from are:

  • Amazon (check out our full Amazon Hacks post here!)
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Target
  • Sephora
  • Ulta
  • Groupon
  • Sam’s Club

In the screenshot below, we made money JUST for filing our taxes on TurboTax!

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How Does Ebates Shopping Work? Is Ebates a Scam?

**EDIT: We’ve now made over $100 from Ebates!

Ebates is absolutely not a scam. They receive a commission from online retailers for sending customers like us to their sites. Ebates simply shares that money which is how you get paid!

I have been using Ebates for the past few months and have already made $45.00 (no hidden fees or sketchy point redemptions)!

ebates tips, ebates, ebates review, ebates shopping, how to use ebates, ebates hacks, ebates website, ebates hacks when shopping on a budget


7 Ebates Tips for Infinite Money Saving Possibilities


  • Ebates Hack #1: Check Ebates’s Double Cash Back Stores Regularly

Some retailers on Ebates offer Double Cash Back opportunities!

Ebates has a section on their website dedicated to keeping you up to date on which stores are currently offering Double Cash Back!!

Check this section first before doing any of your online shopping because you don’t want to miss out on twice as much cash just because you bought from the wrong retailer.

It only takes a few seconds to DOUBLE your money-making potential!!

ebates tips, ebates, ebates review, ebates shopping, how to use ebates, ebates hacks, ebates website, ebates hacks when shopping on a budget

  • Ebates Hack #2: Utilize Ebates’s Coupons and Deals Section

Before hitting the “Shop Now” button, take a look at the, “Coupons, Promo Codes & Cash Back” section on your Retailer’s Ebates page.

If getting cash back with Ebates wasn’t enough, you also have access to your favorite retailer’s most current deals (Ebates is kind enough to gather this information for us!).

Quickly find out if the retailer is offering free shipping, free in-store pickup, discounts, free gifts, BOGO deals, and more!

You can easily compare the special deals for multiple stores potentially doubling or even tripling your money-saving opportunities!

The other day I looked through the current deals at Sephora, and here’s everything Ebates showed me:

ebates tips, ebates, ebates review, ebates shopping, how to use ebates, ebates hacks, ebates website, ebates hacks when shopping on a budget

Not only was Ebates offering 6.0% cash back on everything purchased (double cash back), but they also provided me with Sephora’s discounts.

Sephora had a coupon code for $25 off my order, a “free gift” code, PLUS a list of their brands that were currently on sale!

Ebates really goes the extra mile to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

  • Ebates Hack #3. Check Out Ebates’s “In-Store” Offers

We’re not talking about shopping online anymore. Ebates makes it simple to earn cash back while shopping in-store as well (over 43 stores and counting)!

Simply enter your credit card information into your Ebates account and link the cash back offers directly to your card.  Now, just shop as you normally would and earn free money!

  • Ebates Hack #4. Download the Ebates App

After signing up for Ebates, download the Ebates App.

This app is your key to having ALL of Ebates’s cash back deals anytime and anywhere!

It also tracks your cash back history and tells you when your next check is coming in the mail.  And don’t forget about their library of coupons!

The Ebates app gives you access to see in-store coupons, scan products to compare prices, and know if there are any deals or sales going on at your favorite stores!

This is the surefire way to never miss a deal when shopping!

  • Ebates Hack #5. Get the Ebates Credit Card

Evan and I LOVE making money with our credit cards (we’ve actually made over $1,400 in just one year with ours).

If you want to be super lucrative, get the Ebates credit card and start stacking the cash back potential! 

The Ebates card gives you 3% cash back on every purchase made through their site PLUS whatever cash back amount your favorite retailer is offering at the time.

Let’s say you used this card shopping online at Walmart.  You would receive 3% cash back from the credit card plus the 10% Walmart is offering totaling your cash back to 13%!

That type of free money-making is practically unheard of!

  • Ebates Hack #6. Get the Ebates Button

The Ebates button is a plug-in for your web-browser that you can “push” to activate the Ebates discounts from your favorite retailer’s check out page.

Let’s say you’re shopping online at Sephora, getting ready to check out (your cart is full) but then you remember you forgot to go to Ebates first! ebates tips, ebates, ebates review, ebates shopping, how to use ebates, ebates hacks, ebates website, ebates hacks when shopping on a budget

Instead having to back track (go to Ebates, click the “shop now” button, then re-finding all those awesome items you were about to purchase), you can just use the Ebates button!

Aside from activating your cash back at a moment’s notice, the button will also show if there are any coupons of discount codes that can be applied automatically to your cart!

This is seriously such a great money-saving tip if you’re one to forget to check ebates before you’re already knee-deep in your online shopping trip (like me).

If you decide not to get the Ebates Button, save the Ebates website to your Favorites or Bookmarks so yo don’t forget to use it before shopping! (this is a must!)

  • Ebates Hack #7. Sign Up Today and get a $10 Cash Welcome Bonus After Spending Your First $25

This is my last money-saving tip and it’s a big one! If you sign up today with this link, you’ll get a bonus $10 after you spend your first $25!

Seriously, sign up for Ebates today so you don’t miss out on another chance to earn free cash just for shopping like you normally do!

Sign up through my link to get your $10 Cash Bonus after spending your first $25!

Alright, that is all I have for you today!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my Ebates Review and all my Ebates hacks for ultimate money-saving possibilities!

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Do you use Ebates already? I’d love to hear how much you’ve made so far in the comments below!

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