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Do you want to save more money while working toward your financial goals?

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Frugal living is one of the best ways to accomplish both.

If you’re ready to live a life of frugality, here’s what you need to know.

What Does Frugal Living Mean?

Frugal living means predominately saving and not wasting your financial means. By living frugally, you prioritize saving and make good use of the resources already available to you. Every purchase you make is carefully considered and thought out.

Being cheap and being frugal are not one in the same. There’s a difference between prioritizing your spending and spending the least amount possible. When someone is cheap, they are more concerned with the bottom line than the actual value they’re purchasing.

For example, a frugal person may look for coupons when dining out, while a cheap person may not leave a tip no matter how good the service was. See the difference?

Why Live Frugally?

Frugal living helps you be more mindful with the money you earn. When you’re frugal, you are more intentional about your purchases and how you choose to spend your money. You carefully consider each purchase for the value it adds instead of the price.

By focusing on value instead of price, it may help you spend less because your purchases last longer.

Living Frugally- Table of Contents:

Frugal Living Guide: Start Living Frugally with these 34 Simple Tips

If you’re ready to live a life of frugality, try these 41 frugal ideas to get you started.

Get the Most Out of Every Dollar Spent

Living a frugal lifestyle is also about getting the biggest bang for your buck. You want to get the most out of each dollar you spend.

A great way to do this is to use Cash Back apps. Here are a few apps that can help you live the ultimate frugal life.

1. Earn Cash Back on Your Everyday Purchases

Ibotta is a great app for frugal living. By using Ibotta you can earn cash back on the items you already buy.

Before you go shopping download the ibotta app. Then, browse the app for offers that qualify for cash back rewards. Once you purchase a qualifying item, take a photo of your receipt to receive your free money. You can turn in your cash for PayPal payments, Gift Cards, or Venmo payments.

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Get cash on items such as apparel, cosmetics, groceries and more.

If frugality is your way of life, ibotta is the perfect way to save money.

Get great deals tailored just for you! Receive a $20 Welcome Bonus for signing up today.

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2. Stick to Your Frugal Lifestyle by Earning Cash Back on Your Everyday Transactions

Dosh is a great tool for helping you live a frugal lifestyle. Simply link your debit or credit card to the Dosh app and start earning up to 10% cash back on your everyday transactions.

With over 1,000 stores and restaurants, you can earn cash back almost everywhere you shop.

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Once you start earning Cash Back, you can transfer your funds to your bank accounts, PayPal account , or donate it to charity.

You can also Earn $5 for each friend you refer to Dosh.

If you want to make money now, receive $1 just for signing up for Dosh.

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3. Earn Up to 40% Cash Back at Over 2,500 Retailers

If you want to engage in a frugal living, you will want to maximize every dollar you spend.

Ebates receives a commission for sending shoppers to over 2,500 retailers. The good news is, Ebates shares their commission with you as a Cash Back Reward.

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You can receive either a Fat Check or PayPal payment every quarter for using promo codes and shopping the latest deals and discounts right from your phone.

Sign up with Ebates and get a $10 Bonus Today.

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4. Turn Receipts into Effortless Dollars

If you don’t want to spend the time searching for coupons and discounts, CoinOut can help you find rebates right from your receipts. Just upload your receipts to the CoinOut app and they will automatically send cash your way.

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CoinOut is one of the easiest ways to earn Cash Back on your everyday purchases.

Start uploading your receipts with CoinOut to earn Cash Back, Amazon Gift Cards, and PayPal payments.

5. Earn Cash Back Rewards for Using Your Credit Cards

When used responsibly, credit cards can be a great way to earn Cash Back rewards on your everyday transactions. Cash Back credit cards pay back a certain percentage of the amount you spend.

Depending on how you spend your money and where you shop, you can get credit cards that allow you to Earn Miles, Points, Gift Cards, and Bonuses. Choosing a card with benefits that match your frugal way of living will help you get the most out of your rewards.

Keep More Money in Your Wallet By Minimizing Food Costs

In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average American spent $7,729 annually on food alone. This includes dining in and out. Nutrition doesn’t have to come at such a high price.

There are plenty of ways to cut back on food costs and focus on a more frugal way of living. Here are a few frugal ideas for minimizing your food expenses.

6. Minimize The Cost of Buying Organic

From Paleo diets to a gluten-free way of living, many Americans are taking steps to get healthier by changing the way they eat. Some of these food choices can be more expensive than their processed alternatives.

Using a site like Thrive Market can help you save up to 50% on your favorite organic and non-GMO brands. On top of that, you can have your favorite foods delivered right to your front door.

By becoming a Thrive Market member you also get the chance to earn Free Gifts, Rewards, and sponsor a low-income family’s membership.

If you want to buy the brands you love for less, sign up for your Thrive Market 30-Day Free Trial.

7. Get Inspired While Saving Money

If you love tips and tricks for healthy living, you will love Vitacost. With Vitacost, you can receive deals, discounts, recipes, expert tips, and more for living a healthy lifestyle.

You can save on everything from collagen to cleaning products all in one place.

Join Vitacost today and receive 20% off your first order.

8. Save More by Dining at Home

Eating out can add up. Imagine if you were to eat out every day for lunch and on each outing you spent about $10 per meal. You would end up spending $2,600 a year for just eating out during your lunch hour. If you want to find a more frugal way to live, it may be beneficial to eat most of your meals at home.

Here are a few other ways you can save by dining in.

9. Make a Grocery List

How often do you find yourself browsing the aisles of the grocery store and then purchasing more food than you intended to? If you want to live a frugal lifestyle, it’s important to make a list every time you visit the store. Making a grocery list will help you stay within your budget and only purchase the items you actually need.

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Before you venture to the store, take an inventory of everything you already have and only purchase the items you need.

10. Purchase Generic Items

Frugal living is about getting the most value out of each dollar you spend. Being loyal to one brand may not help you get the most bang for your buck when grocery shopping.

Purchasing generic items can help you save money and they may be just as good as their alternatives. If you’re committed to frugal living, try buying generic.

11. Save Money, Time, and Energy with $5 Meal Plan

Wouldn’t it be nice to save money and time preparing your family meals? Well now you can.

For $5 a month, $5 Meal Plan will send you a delicious and inexpensive meal plans every week. No longer will you need to spend hours each week worrying about what to make for dinner, $5 Meal Plan will take care of it for you.

Get a Free 14-Day trial by signing up for $5 Meal Plan today.

12. Receive Fresh and Inexpensive Ingredients Delivered Right to Your Front Door

Instead of going to the grocery store, why not have your meals delivered right to your front door. With Home Chef, you can select the pre-portioned ingredients and chef-prepared recipe cards to make healthy meals for you and your family.

If you want to take the time and cost out of meal prepping, Home Chef is the perfect solution.

Sign up for Home Chef today and receive $30 Off your first meal.

Be Frugal with Refunds

You may not want to spend your valuable time searching for Deals and Discounts. Fortunately, there are tools and resources you can use that help you discover rebates and refunds on the items you already buy.

Here are a few options to help you get started.

13. Get Money When Prices Drop

Paribus by Capital One monitors prices on your everyday purchases and then gives you refunds when prices drop. All you have to do is connect your account and Paribus will detect potential savings and watch for price drops.

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If you want to get refunds on the money you already spend, Paribus is a great solution for frugal living.

Download Paribus and put your Money Back in your pocket where it belongs.

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14. Trim Your Subscription Services

According to research conducted by Waterstone Group, 84% of consumers underestimate what they spend on subscription services each month. From Spotify to Netflix, your subscription services can add up.

If you’re unsure how to cut back, try using an app like Trim.

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Trim analyzes your monthly subscriptions to determine areas where you can cut back or Negotiate a Lower Price on your services. Trim will also help you cancel unused subscription services and negotiate lower bills.   

If you’re ready to stop wasting your money on unused services, sign up for Trim.

15. Get Refunds for Your Bank and Credit Card Fees

Don’t you hate it when the bank charges an unnecessary fee for simply using your own money? Using the Cushion app can help you fight back and negotiate all of those unwanted banking and credit card fees. Cushion’s bot haggles on your behalf and can send you a refund summary within 24-hours.

The best part is, Cushion is 100% Free to use. However, if they eliminate one of your fees, Cushion takes 25% of the refunded amount.

Let Cushion do the heavy lifting for you and help waive those pesky banking fees. Connect your bank account today to start Saving.

Conduct Research to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation Dollars

Just because you live a frugal life doesn’t mean you can’t go on vacation or splurge on activities. However, it’s important to do proper research to find the best deals and discounts.

Conducting the proper research with help you maximize your money. Here are some vacation options to make your travel savings go further.

16. Stay in Rentals Instead of Expensive Hotels

Sites like Airbnb and VRBO offer cost-effective accommodation options for your vacation. With these sites you can rent entire properties or just a room for a short stay.

Using these sites not only helps you live cheap but they also give a more authentic vacation experience. For example, if you choose to stay with a local family, your hosts can help you become familiar with the area and share the secrets that lie within their city.

Hotels may not offer the same experience. Start browsing vacation rentals and discover options that’s fit within your budget today.

17.  Rent a Getaround Car

Instead of renting a car from a costly rental company, try Getaround for an inexpensive alternative. Getaround allows you to rent cars for as little as $5 per day.

All you need to do is sign up and start renting cars from great people around the city.

If you enjoy saving the environment while making a little extra cash, Getaround also offers car owners the opportunity to earn up to $1,000 per year.

List your car and you can receive a $50/month driving credit to rent others’ cars.

18. Avoid Toll Roads

If you prefer road trips over flight travel, toll roads can eat into your budget. If you have an iPhone you can set your maps app to avoid toll roads.

Here’s how to set it up on your phone:

Setting > maps > driving/navigation > Avoid Tolls (on)

19. Vacation During the Off Season

Vacation rates can fluctuate based on the season you choose to travel. For example, if you want to visit the beach on spring break, you may be looking at expensive flights and accommodation rates. Instead of going to a desired location during the high season, vacation during the off season.

You may be able to find better deals and discounts based solely on the time you choose to travel.

20. Setup Price Alerts

Flight prices can fluctuate daily. If you don’t want to spend your time browsing the internet for the best deal on flights, set up a price alert for your desired location. Sites like Kayak and Travelocity will send you notifications when your flight has dropped in price.

Setting up price alerts can save you time and money. Why waste your time comparing rates, when you can have someone do it for you?

Decrease Your Expenses

Decreasing your expenses gives you more room to prioritize your spending. If you want more flexibility with how you spend your money, here are a few ways to cut your expenses.

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21. Find Cheap Activities to Do With Your Friends

Happy hour and weekly nights out with your friends can become expensive. Look for inexpensive ways to spend time with your friends instead of spending money on entertainment.

For example, instead of meeting for dinner, invite your friends over for appetizers. You can ask each one of your friends to bring a different item to help minimize the cost.

There are plenty of ways to spend time with your friends that don’t have to cost a ton of money. Get creative and try something new for your next gathering.

22. Cut Your Health Care Spending

Health care may be one of your most expensive costs yet.

Liberty HealthShare offers families and individuals an affordable way to manage their medical expenses. Liberty HealthShare members make a monthly contribution online, which is then paired with a medical need within the group.

This diverse community is committed to supporting medical expenses after the annual threshold is met.

If you want to join a community that supports your medical needs, try Liberty HealthShare.

23. Visit the Library to Save Money on Entertainment

Instead of renting movies from Netflix or visiting your local movie theater, stop by the library to review their entertainment options. Most libraries allow you to rent books, movies, magazines, and more for no cost.  

Using the library is a great frugal tip to help you cut costs.

H4: 24. Minimize Your Grooming Trips

According to Angie’s list, haircuts can range in price from $10 to $100 per visit. If you usually visit a salon every few weeks, getting your haircut can be extremely expensive. Instead, try to prolong your visits or find a friend or family member who can cut your hair for a cheaper price.

Additionally, if you enjoy getting your nails done every two weeks, try doing them yourself.

Frugal tip: You could even make it a group event with all of your friends and do your nails together. It’s a great way to spend time together while saving money.

25. Rent Out Your Space

If you have an extra space in your home, why not put it to good use and rent it out to someone in need? Whether you have an extra room or an entire wing of your property going unused, list it on a site like Roomster for semi-permanent to permanent renters.

List your property today and be one step closer to ultimate frugal living.

26. Invest in a Programmed Thermostat

Investing in a programmed thermostat is a great frugal tip for saving on heating and cooling costs. Installing a remote thermostat allows you to control the heat and AC right from your phone. If you’re away, remote thermostats will let you adjust the temperature of your home to prevent you from wasting energy.

Spending a little bit of money on a remote thermostat could potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill.

27. Decrease Your Cell Phone Bill with Mint Mobile

How would you feel about only spending $15 per month on your cell phone bill? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, with Mint Mobile, you can find cell phone plans starting at just $15 a month.

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From 4G high-speed data to unlimited talk and text, Mint Mobile can give you anything you need in a monthly plan.

Choose a Mint Mobile plan and receive 100% Money Back guaranteed after 7 days is you’re not completely satisfied.

Frugal Driving Tips

Depending on where you live, transportation can take up a large portion of your budget. From gas to car maintenance, owning a vehicle is a huge expense. But, there are other options to help you save on your transportation costs.

Here are a few alternatives you should consider.

28. Walk When You Can

If you live close to work or shopping areas, you may want to walk instead of driving your vehicle. Walking is a great way to reduce transportation costs, get exercise, and save the environment.

If walking isn’t an option, try investing in a bike. It may take you a little more time to get to your desired destination but the extra time could be worth the money you’re saving.

Even if you just eliminate one trip a week, you could drastically see a decrease in your transport expenses.

29. Drive Gently

Did you know that driving aggressively can put more wear and tear on your vehicle? Did you also know that it can increase your use of gas? By driving gently, you can help preserve your car as well as Save on Gas.

Driving better may even help you relax during a traffic jam. After all, who enjoys feeling road rage?

30. Download Apps to Help You Save on Gas

How would you like to save $340 a year? Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?

By using apps like GasBuddy, you can Save on Gas, Win Prizes, and get Rewards. GasBuddy tells you where the nearest gas stations are and which ones have the lowest gas prices.

You can also win free gas for competing in different challenges.

Sign up for GasBuddy and never pay too much for gas again!

31. Ask Your Employer if You Can Work from Home

With the advancements in technology, many employers are allowing their employees to work right from home. This saves employees commute time and transportation costs.

If you don’t already have the option to telecommute, speak with your employer and ask if they would be willing to let you work from home. If you need a little help starting the conversation, try this.

32. Consider Becoming a One-Car Home

If you and your spouse work in close proximity to one another, you may want to consider becoming a one-car household. Owning only one car can help you eliminate the maintenance headaches and cut some of your transportation costs.

Becoming a one-car household is also a great way to spend more time together. What could be better than saving money and getting closer to your spouse?

33. Keep Up with Car Maintenance

Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance is vital to keeping your car running. As a frugal consumer, you want to do everything you can to avoid costly repairs or the purchase of a new car.

Be sure to get your oil changed, replace filters, and get routine checkups to keep your car running efficiently.  

Budget Your Way to Frugality

In order to maintain a frugal life, you must understand the money you have coming in and going out. A well-designed budget can help you spend less, pay down debt, and save more.

Creating a budget gives you the freedom and flexibility to spend money the way you want. It allows you to prioritize your spending and achieve all of your financial goals. If you’re ready to boost your frugality, here’s our ultimate guide to creating a budget.

34. Use the 50/30/20 Rule

You may also want to consider using the 50/30/20 rule. This means that you use 50% of your budget toward needs, 30% of your budget toward wants, and 20% of your budget toward savings.

  • Needs includes: groceries, transportation, housing, and insurance
  • Wants includes: shopping, eating out, vacation, and entertainment
  • Savings includes: saving goals, retirement, and investments

The 50/30/20 rule can be used as a guideline to help you achieve a frugal lifestyle.

Frugal living doesn’t have to be challenging. By using these simple frugal tips, you can prioritize your spending and stay within your means.

Do you have any favorite frugal living tips? Let us know in the comments down below.

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