When you see curtains just kissing the floor you assume they’re custom. Good news is you can get the same designer look for a fraction of the price. 

No sewing machine or iron needed! 

hem curtains without sewing steps before and after


  • Fabric Scissors (preferable)
  • Hem Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
hem curtains without sewing supplies

How to Hem Curtains (without a sewing machine):

  1. While your curtain is hanging on the rod, fold the bottom up so the fold is barely hovering above the floor. 
  2. Mark inner fold line with a pencil
hem curtains without sewing steps 1 and 2

3. Remove curtain from rod

4. Place your hem tape roll under your pencil line to measure the tape’s thickness. Make a new line under the roll. This is the start of your Cut Line. 

5. Measure how far from the bottom your Cut Line is. 

hem curtains without sewing steps 4 and 5

6. Use this measurement to mark the curtain every 10” down the curtain’s width. This is extending your Cut Line down the curtain.

7. Using your ruler, make a solid line from your original Cut Line to your new cut marks down the curtain width. 

hem curtains without sewing steps 6 and 7

8. Using the Cut Line, cut off the bottom piece of your curtain. (don’t worry about being perfect here. The hem tape hides most imperfections). 

9. Press the 1st side of the hem tape into the very bottom cut edge of the curtain. 

hem curtains without sewing steps 8 and 9

10. While the 2nd side of sticky tape is still sealed, fold the bottom of the curtain up as you would to finish the hem. 

11. Use the back of your scissors to press a crease line into the fabric at the fold. This will help you find where to fold in the next step.

hem curtains without sewing steps 10 and 11

12. Peel off 10 inches on the 2nd side of the double sided tape. Fold it along the previously created fold line and stick the tape. Repeat down the length of the curtain.

Voila, curtains the perfect length. Hang them up and show off your skills. 

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