Curtains can make your home look bright, spacious, and expensive. But, they can also bring down the feel of your home if you make some common mistakes. 

Follow this guide to avoid easy pitfalls to hanging curtains. 

1. Cut Your Curtains to the Correct Length

correct length curtains

The perfect curtain length is when they just kiss the floor or hover slightly above. 

However, curtains typically come in a variety of lengths which means they will not fit the room. Here are three options to cut your curtains to the correct length: 

  1. Pricey option: Custom-order curtains. 
  1. Budget-Friendly Option: Use our no-sew hemming technique.
  1. Middle Option: Take them to a tailor or the cleaners to get them hemmed. 

2. Hang Your Curtains Close to the Ceiling

hang your curtains high

Don’t hang your curtains right above the window. This can make your space look small and dark. 

Instead, hang them close to the ceiling or at least 8 inches above the window for an instant upgrade.

3. Hang Curtains Wide

hang your curtains wide

When your curtains are open, you don’t want them to cover any of the window. This makes your windows look small.

Hanging your curtains wide will make your windows appear larger and your room brighter.

4. Choose the Right Color

Good color curtains

Take into account your wall color and furniture color before choosing your curtain. Neutral colors like white, beige, and gray are a safe color option as they go with a variety of color schemes. 

Pro Tip: If you want an expensive look for less, try out Ikea’s curtains! They have a wide selection of colors and filtering options. Check out our Ikea Hacks Article for easy ways to save money at Ikea!

5. Try Out Light Filtering Curtains

Light filtering curtains

Natural light is the one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to make your home feel expensive. 

Whether you need to pull your curtains closed for a midday movie or you’re late to opening the curtains one morning, light filtering curtains continue to let in that glorious sunlight. 

6. Avoid Loud Curtain Rings

curtain rings

For an expensive feel, choose minimal curtain rings. When the rings aren’t sleek, they can clash with the decor in your room. 

Overall, curtains can change the look and feel of a room instantly. Try out any one of these tips for a more expensive feeling space. 

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