Ultimate Guide to Making (lots of extra) Money Fast

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If you are on a diet, what you choose to eat will have a greater impact on weight loss than exercise. So, what does that have to do with making money fast? The best thing you can do to get into financial shape is to spend your money the right way. Our grandparents knew it didn’t matter how much they made; it mattered how much they spent.

When you spend your money wisely, you will be able to put money in the bank every month. Don’t try to figure this stuff out on your own. Take our free Savings Account Accelerator Workshop to put money in the bank and finally stop stressing about money.

Or if you’re looking for some extra fun money, or you have an income problem, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered the top money-making hacks that will pay you the most money for your time.

8 Hacks to Make More Money

Technology and the gig economy are disrupting how we work and how we make money. We want to share with you some legit ways to make some easy money and some extra cash.

If you want to earn some extra dollars, you can do so:

Follow these eight hacks to extra cash:

1. Make Money with Your Phone

make money with your phone

Athletes have a lot of cliches, and among them is “You can’t phone it in.” Well, maybe in the sports world you cannot make money with your phone on the field, but out here in the real world people bank cash every day with them. Have you unlocked these mobile moneymakers?  


How would you like it if every time you stepped into a grocery store — any grocery store — you made some money just for shopping? That’s the idea behind Fetch, a mobile app that pays you cash back for purchasing groceries.

fetch app make money

What sets Fetch apart is you just shop. Fetch works with name brands to offer you points to purchase their products. You shop, scan your receipt, and Fetch will go to work to see how many points you earned. Typically, you will earn some amount of points.

We recommend redeeming your points (1,000 = $1) for a Visa Prepaid Gift Card so you can spend the money anywhere. If you want to earn points the quickest, look for their special offers.

Snatch Fetch today, so next time you shop, you can start earning free cash.


Nobody wants to admit they are lazy, but we consider the Dosh App the epitome of making money in a lazy way. How is this possible? Link a credit/debit card, and when you use it, you are earning up to 10% cash back automatically!

I was visiting family in Orlando recently and picked up a dozen bagels at a local cafe. On the way back to my brother’s home, I get an alert on my phone. It’s Dosh informing I just earned $1.32 back on a dozen bagels and cream cheese.

Dosh works at 1,000+ locations, like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Exxon Mobil, Guess, Patagonia, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Jiffy Lube. Money is money, and Dosh is money.

Get Dosh and let the automatic cash back rewards begin. You’ll get a free  $1 welcome bonus just for signing up here.

dosh app


Admit it, you would like to get paid to play. Mistplay will pay you for playing games, and we ain’t playin’ around. Grab the app from the Google Play store (Android only), pick at least two games you like to play so Mistplay can create a custom mixlist of games they will pay you to play.

misplay make money

You can choose from action, adventure, arcade, board, card, casino, casual, puzzle, racing, role playing, simulation, sports, and word games.

Wouldn’t you know, Words with Friends 2 was among the list of games. I am embarrassed to think of how many hours I played that game for free when I can have building up units to convert into Amazon or prepaid Visa cards!

As you play and build up your units, you can use them in the shop to “purchase” gift/Visa cards: 

  • 1,800 units = $5 card
  • 3,000 units = $10 card
  • 4,500 units = $15 card
  • 6,000 units = $20 card

Among the cards you can select are Amazon, Visa, Starbucks, Xbox and PlayStation.

Grab Mistplay and play around with it (You’ll snag 200 bonus points just for signing up here). What’s the worst thing you can do, earn free cash?

(Bonus tip: Don’t miss out on the free money. Be sure to open the Mistplay app and launch the game from there.)


How would you like Honeygain to pay you for doing nothing (other than downloading their app on your computer and Android phone)?

If you are wondering if you can really make free money with Honeygain, the answer is “Yes.” How? You sell unused cell data or unused internet service. The fact is most of us barely use the available data on our home computers, and we like unlimited data. So, sell it to Honeygain (they’ll let companies use it for marketing and research! 

You will earn $1 for every 10GB of traffic shared. No one gets to see your personal information. You will literally earn extra money when you sleep and when you are on your job.

Don’t miss out on this free money: Download Honeygain with a bonus $5 added to your account (when you use our link) and gain some extra cash!

2. Make Money With Surveys

make money with surveys

Have you always wanted someone to pay you for what you know and not necessarily what you do? Well, your wish just came true. You can earn money by sharing what you know and think when you participate in market research surveys. 

Vindale Research

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Before robocalls made it unpopular to pick up the phone, telemarketers often called and asked us to participate in surveys … without paying us at all! Market research is vital to business, and we deserve to be paid to participate. Vindale Research agrees.

Market researchers seek input from a diverse group of people, and if you have what they are looking for you can expect to make anywhere from 50 cents to $50 for a survey. They range from a few minutes to an hour.

Sign up for Vindale Research today and you will not only start earning extra cash, but you will also be providing important insights to help businesses be successful with their products and services (that is priceless). Plus, it is fun to see the money you earn go up and up and up.

Learn more about the firm when you read our Vindale Research in-depth review.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research holds a place near and dear to my heart. They paid me to offer insights, feedback and reactions to a variety of products, many shipped to my home. Among the items sent to me was a new frozen dinner a food manufacturer planned to release to the public. They shipped it to my house in an unmarked box, so I never knew who it was. (It amazed me the garlic bread remained crispy once heated in the microwave.)

Pinecone Research will pay you $3, too, to complete their surveys when you sign up. The money is nice, but, to be honest, I liked knowing before anybody else what products retailers planned to introduce to the public. I’d be curious to know what kind of products they will ship to you.

Sign up with Pinecone Research and find out. 

Inbox Dollars

If you want to be among those who have received a portion of $59 million in payouts since 2000, then head over to InboxDollars and sign up. The company works with businesses to identify consumers like you who can help with market research.

Get paid from 50 cents to $5 to take an online survey, which takes from 3 to 25 minutes to complete. Some surveys will pay $10, $20 or more if you fit the demographic they are looking for. How else can you make money? You will earn cash to watch videos, play games, shop online, read emails, and use coupons.

When you join InboxDollars, you will earn $5 just for signing up. In addition to making some extra cash, you will also be influencing future products and services.

Claim your $5 bonus from InboxDollars now.

inbox dollar sign up bonus

3. Make Money Driving Your Car

make money with your car

There is no better time to be alive to make money than right now, after all, your car will literally put you in the driver’s seat to earn extra cash. I met a man who quit his full-time job as an engineer to pursue his side hustle full time. What did he do? He drove for Lyft.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to making money with your car: You can deliver people, deliver takeout food, deliver groceries, or virtually anything else.


Instacart offers you two ways to earn money with groceries: As a full-service shopper or as an in-store shopper. Instacart works with about 150 national and local grocery stores and chains, providing lots of opportunities to make money on the side.

Full-service shoppers will be alerted by the Instacart app that a “batch” needs to be picked up and delivered. You will have four minutes to accept the batch (or you can ignore it, but if you ignore too many you might not get as many offers). Alert the app when you arrive in the store, then start shopping for your customer. You’ll earn a delivery fee and a tip will be suggested. Often, people will tip in cash, too. The average is around $5. 

Instacart also has in-store shoppers in select locations. They are part-time Instacart employees who work limited hours for an hourly wage. They work in the store filling batches and placing them in a staging area for pick-up. 

Full-service shoppers, however, have a greater opportunity to earn more cash. They are independent contractors who earn tips and can set their own hours.

If you are looking for extra money for the holidays, for a new car or a vacation, pick up some extra cash with Instacart.