When your day starts, do you hit the ground running or do you hit the snooze button? When you go back to bed, you will discover yourself running hard the rest of the day just to catch up.

We have 8 simple strategies to help you streamline your day so you will save time, be organized, be productive, and feel better. Read on:

1. Keep a Running List of Things that Need to Get Done

Keeping a list of tasks to complete helps you stay organized and makes your life easier. When you keep a list, you make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

If you have larger tasks, then break them into smaller, more manageable steps. Make sure to regularly review your list and prioritize your tasks.

2. Be Conscious about Your Time

When you wake up each morning, you have a limited amount of time to get things done. When you rise from your sleep on time, you can better manage your time throughout the day.

When you are intentional with your time, you set yourself up for success. Choose to be on time for everything on your calendar: Work, appointments, interviews, meetings, dates, and get-togethers.  

You can be mindful of your time when you develop daily routines. It all starts with going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day.

We face temptations every day with “time sucks.” Limit the time you spend on social media, the internet, and binge-watching shows.

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3. Keep an Organized House

Keeping an organized house has positive impacts on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Make sure everything has a place. This will increase productivity because you will know where everything is..
  • Create cleaning routines, wash dishes nightly, vacuum on Saturdays, dust on Sundays. A clean house will reduce your stress.
  • Involve the whole family.
  • Do quarterly deep cleans to declutter. When your bedroom is decluttered, you will sleep better.

Spreading out the work makes it easier to tackle cleaning and organizing. 

4. Exercise, Start Slow and Add Intensity

When you want to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise plays a vital role.

If you have not been exercising, you will want to start slow and work your way up in intensity. Walking is one of the best things you can do. Walking is low impact, and it gives you time to clear your mind and prepare 

If you have little space, consider adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands, and an exercise mat.

5. More Quality Food for Your Body

Eating healthy, quality food can make all the difference in how you look and feel. Choose foods with whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits, and low-processed fats like olive oil and avocado.

When you eat quality foods, you provide fuel to keep your body functioning at its best. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will provide you with more energy. You will feel much better when your body functions optimally.

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6. Keep an Eye Out for Things to Sell, Donate, or Toss

A cluttered home is a chaotic home. Look for ways to remove the clutter by identifying items you can sell, donate, or throw away.

To make the process easy, get a couple of storage bins and mark one as “sell” and the other as “donate.” You already have a bin, the trash bin, to put stuff that is going to get tossed.

As you organize your home, identify items you no longer use. It could be things like clothing, electronics, kitchen appliances, books, CDs, and DVDs. If it has resale value, then it goes in the “sell” bin for a garage sale or Facebook Marketplace.

Everything else, donate, and make someone else’s life easier. Do this every few months.

7. Spend Money on Things That Will Make Your Life Productive

A productive life is marked by joy and fulfillment. Do the things you buy guide you closer to this or move you further away?

When you spend money on things that make your life more productive, you will make a wise investment in yourself that will pay dividends throughout your life.

Here are some things you can buy that will improve your life:

  • Educational courses that will teach you new skills or help you acquire knowledge you always desired
  • Health products like vitamins and nutritional supplements
  • Quality sleep products like a good mattress or pillow

8. Make Time for Fun and Relaxation

No matter how much you love work and making money, you need time for rest, relaxation, and fun.

Research shows when you practice relaxation, it leads to a healthier heart, reduces stress, eases muscle tension, and improves the way your brain functions [source].

Relaxation can be as involved as meditation or as simple as chilling out in your favorite chair reading a good book.

Spend some time relaxing and enjoying those around you, and it will make life easier.

When you search for ways to simplify your life, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stay on track, whether by following a list or being on time.
  • Take time for self-care with exercise, diet, and relaxation.
  • Look for things to add to your life and remove from your life.

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