If you asked people what area of their homes or apartments, they wished were bigger, most would say the bathroom.

This is understandable because we store so many items in bathrooms. Toilet paper, towels, toiletries, skincare products, hair care products, bath products, beauty products, medication, and more. 

If you have a small bathroom, you understand the challenge of organizing the small space, so it is functional and efficient. If you need help in this area, we’ve got you covered with these 12 small bathroom organization ideas.

1. Install a Dual-Purpose Mirror 

A dual-purpose mirror, such as one with hidden shelves behind it or one that functions as a medicine cabinet, provides additional space for storing small items.

This is an optimal space to store items you use every day, such as medications or feminine products, that you may not want out in the open. 

2. Add an Over the Toilet Storage Cabinet 

With a small bathroom, you need to take advantage of every extra bit of space you have – including the area above the toilet. On the top of the toilet tank, you could use decorative storage baskets to store additional toilet paper.

You can transform the dead space above the toilet into useful space with an over-the-toilet storage unit. These come in a variety of styles. Some include a cabinet and shelving, while others just offer shelf space.

Pick one with the style and functionality you need for your space.

3. Use Floating Shelves

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough floor space for an actual shelving unit, such as a cabinet organizer, floating shelves are an aesthetic and functional storage solution.

Strategically place shelves so you don’t run into them. Renting? Use floating shelves without holes to ensure there is no damage to the walls.

4. Invest in Mounted Wall Baskets 

Floating shelves aren’t the only way to take advantage of wall space in your bathroom. You can also use mounted baskets.

Decorative wire baskets work well for storing washcloths, toilet paper, and bottles containing essentials, such as cotton balls. In addition to decorative wall baskets, you can also use adhesive-mounted storage baskets inside the shower. These are designed to hold items such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

Note for parents: If you have children, you understand how quickly their bath toys can take over the bathroom.

Given it is already a small space, you need to be strategic about keeping these toys off the floor. Mount plastic baskets with holes to the side of the shower for toy storage. Kids will be able to clean up after themselves, and you won’t have to spend your morning picking up toys before you can shower.

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5. Embrace Clear Plastic or Glass Containers

Part of the reason bathrooms get messy so quickly is that they are cluttered. There are so many different items that get shoved together in a drawer, and then, you can’t find what you need when you need it.

Declutter your bathroom. Then organize your bathroom with clear plastic or glass containers.

Use small containers to store your essentials. The clear containers will make it easier for you to find items and keep these small items contained in one space rather than spreading across the countertop and inside of drawers.

6. Use a Lazy Susan Under Sinks and in Cabinets

A lazy Susan is a spinning turntable that lets you spin and find items with ease. As a result, you can store more items efficiently. Place larger, taller items toward the center of the lazy Susan and smaller items toward the front to get even more storage. 

Lazy Susans work well for hair care products or any other kind of bottles. 

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7. Place a Hair Tools Container Inside Cabinet Door 

How many times have you left your hairdryer, curling iron, or straightener on the bathroom counter instead of putting it away? 

Often, we do this because we store these items in inconvenient places. 

Instead, purchase a hair tools container (a storage unit with holes for holding hair tools specifically). Some hair tool containers are designed to be mounted to the bathroom wall. Others can be hung from a cabinet door. 

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8. Use an Organizer for Shower Supplies 

If you are short on space, such as a single shower without a tub, opt for a shower organizer that fits over the shower head. 

Another small space option is mounted corner shower organizers. These shower organizers use suction cups and fit in the corners of the shower. 

If your shower uses a shower curtain, you can also use the shower curtain rod to hang a shower pocket organizer. 

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9. Place a Hanging Bar Over the Door

Similar to utilizing the space above your toilet, you should also utilize the space around your door. 

Take advantage of the space around your door by placing a hanging storage organizer over the door. An over-the-door storage unit is ideal for keeping all your skincare products together. 

10. Separate Bathroom Items into Specific Locations

Given that you need to store so many different things in your bathroom, it is important that there is a place for everything. 

You don’t want to store random items together. Instead, you want to store items in a way that makes sense. 

The best way to do this is to start trying. You know what you use most. What placement will make you most efficient in your bathroom? 

Let’s recap a few of our pointers so that you try to organize your space more effectively. 

  1. Declutter your bathroom. Clear out everything old and unused. 
  2. Buy storage bins and other organization tools mentioned in this article.
  3. Use your intuition to start organizing.

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