There’s a misconception that minimalists don’t ever buy things and have empty houses.

Wrong. Minimalists still shop. They just shop differently.

Contrary to what many think, minimalism doesn’t mean turning your home into a cold, empty space. It means filling your home with items that serve a clear purpose instead of filling your home with useless items that only create clutter. 

Embracing the minimalist lifestyle significantly altered how and what we shop for.

We now choose to spend money on items that make our lives and home more efficient and productive. Here is what we did, and you can, too.

1. Baskets and Bins

After we got rid of the clutter, we realized we needed some way to organize the remaining necessary items in our home.

We use baskets as décor items and storage for things like throw blankets. We use bins to organize cleaning supplies under cabinets, food in pantries, and toiletries under the bathroom sink. 

2. Drawer Organizers

During our cleanout stage, we were in shock about how much stuff we actually had. We tossed stuff into drawers, which made it hard to find things whenever we needed them.

Investing in drawer organizers was a game changer. Now, we can see how much we have and find what we need. We bought drawer organizers for our dressers, kitchen utensils, and office supplies.

3. Cordless Vacuum

One thing we love about minimalism is how clean and inviting our home is. Once all the clutter was gone, it became quicker and easier to tidy up – especially with a cordless vacuum

We also are fond of this Black + Decker cordless handheld vacuum for our furniture and vehicle. We are able to clean up our house – and auto – in minutes.

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As you shop for functional items, take advantage of free comparative shopping tools to pay minimal money. Capital One Shopping is a free tool that helps you find great deals when shopping online. It instantly compares prices across 30,000 retailers so you can make informed shopping decisions. 

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4. Spray Mop

We discovered a spray mop was more efficient than traditional mopping. 

It is fast and easy and leaves our floors just as clean (if not cleaner) as a traditional mop. Plus, there are fewer supplies, and a spray mop is so much easier to store!

5. Floating Shelves

Back in the day, people stuffed curio cabinets or bookshelves full of knick knacks. This is not minimalism.

Instead of stuffing every corner of your home with cabinets and tables full of clutter, add some floating shelves to your walls.

While floating shelves add style to your home, they also add functionality by transforming dead space into storage space.

6. Thoughtful Décor

Don’t mistake minimalism for boring and frigid.

A minimalistic home should not feel like a doctor’s office. Feel free to decorate your home with thoughtful items that represent who you are and bring you joy.

When looking for décor, spend some time in the place you want to fill, don’t just buy something without thought.

You can find décor at secondhand shops, thrift stores, and discount chains like HomeGoods. Or, you can make your own.

7. Storage Furniture

When we embraced a minimalist lifestyle, we discovered the necessity of storage furniture. 

Storage furniture, such as ottomans and benches, are functional and efficient. You can use this kind of furniture to store those items you need, but don’t want to see.

We love storage furniture because it serves more than one purpose.

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8. Quality Attire

Having a minimalistic home also includes having a minimalist wardrobe. But here’s where people get it wrong – they think minimal means minimal spending.

If you pare down your wardrobe and buy cheap clothing, accessories, and undergarments, you will have to keep buying clothing because it isn’t made well.

Choose to purchase quality clothing items that can be worn over and over again, lasting for years.

9. House Plants

House plants invite warmth into our minimalist decor. In addition to beautifying a space, they have many mental and physical benefits, like healthier air and stress reduction.

10. Reusable Food Storage

Stop filling your pantry and landfills with disposable plastic bags.

Instead, invest in reusable food storage containers. In addition to reusable sandwich bags, we also love reusable glass containers for meal prep. 

Glass containers are more effective in the long run in comparison to cheap, plastic reusable containers that get stained and warped.

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11. Multi-Use Kitchen Appliances

When we started making our home more minimalistic, our kitchen was a huge problem.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of single-use kitchen gadgets we owned. We carefully considered which items we could live without if we replaced them with multi-use products.

For example, an Instant Pot works as a rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and pressure cooker. 

Instead of a separate blender and food processor, we bought a Ninja Blender that includes a food processor bowl to handle both functions.

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12. Improve Your Coffee Game

The inventor of the single-serve coffee maker regretted his invention because of all the plastic waste the pods created. If you have one of these coffee makers, then you should consider a reusable K-cup coffee filter

The reusable filters are better for the environment, and they reduce the average cost of a cup of coffee. It’s a win-win.

If you don’t have a single-serve machine and want a great cup of coffee, consider a combo coffee bean grinder and coffee maker.

13. Refillable Cleaning Products

Have you ever looked under your sink and discovered multiple half-empty bottles of furniture polish? You aren’t alone. You can avoid this problem and live with less if you purchase refillable cleaning products. 

Amazon Aware offers refillable varieties of cleaning products in glass bottles. You simply add the packet of cleaning solution to the glass bottle and mix it with water, and you have a quality cleaning solution.

14. Products with Warranties

In our move to a minimalist lifestyle, we became intentional about what we spent our money on. Instead of buying items that weren’t well made and needed to be replaced quickly, we looked for products that come with warranties.

Before making a purchase, see if the product is well-made that won’t need replacing anytime soon and has a warranty.

15. eBooks and audiobooks

We would never suggest doing away with your books, but now may be the time you say goodbye to physical books and hello to eBooks and audiobooks.

E-readers, such as Kindles or Nobo eReaders, can store more books than most people can physically store in their homes. Plus, you can even borrow eBooks for free from libraries. 

Save Time and Space with Audible Audiobooks

The number one reason people cite for not reading is time. Whether you’re working, studying, or parenting (or maybe all of the above), it can be hard to make time to sit down with a book. 

It used to take me a month or more to finish a book, because I was only reading for a few minutes before bed. But then I discovered audiobooks. 

Instead of getting a few minutes of reading in before bed, now I listen to books while I drive, walk my dog, cook, clean, and work out. Simply put, audiobooks are a game-changer. 

Integrated with Amazon, Audible has the most robust selection of any audiobook provider. If a book has an audio format, Audible has it, no question. 

Try Audible for free for 30 days and take your reading to the next level. 

16. Experiences 

Instead of spending our money on things that fill our home, we use the money we save to buy experiences.

We would rather buy concert tickets or season passes to nature parks than buy items that clutter our home. 

We also make a point to ask our loved ones to give us the gift of experience for birthdays and Christmas.

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