Ultimate Guide to Saving Money

Budgeting Couple's Ultimate Money Saving Guide

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Nearly 40 percent of Americans have difficulty taking care of a $400 emergency. Perhaps you’ve been there. Maybe you got sick but couldn’t pay the bill or afford the prescription. Did you ever have to ride your bike to work because you couldn’t afford to fix your car? 

To overcome unexpected financial hurdles, you need money in savings. You need to have at least 3 months worth of expenses in the bank. But, when you struggle to find the cash to make it through to the next payday or don’t have two nickels to rub together because the car or student loan payment is higher than you’d like, just thinking about saving 3 months of expenses is enough to make you feel anxious and powerless.

Trust me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can improve your financial situation, if you do just one thing: Spend less than you earn.

That’s the entire mission behind this post. We want to help you save money so you can build up your savings. It’s easy. You can realistically add thousands of dollars to your savings. But, you have to act. It all starts with a decision. 

Save these 5 hacks. Get your free PDF copy of this Ultimate Guide to Saving Money here.

5 Money Hacks to Grow Your Savings 

1. Cut Costs Where You Can

Budgeting Couple's Ultimate Money Saving Guide

Cutting expenses normally means cutting out the fun stuff. What if I told you there was a way to cut expenses automatically? Got your attention? Invest a few moments of your time to check out these apps and services and see how you can start saving money today.


Think of the Trim App as your automated personal finance assistant. Tapping into AI, Trim will search for opportunities to save you money on your cable and internet bills, and monthly subscriptions. On top of that, Trim will also look for subscriptions you still pay for but might not use any longer.

Trim App saving money on your internet bill

Just connect your checking accounts and credit cards, and it will scan them, looking for recurring payments and ask you if you want to cancel or negotiate a lower rate.

Trim has already helped people save more than $20 million. How much do you think it will save you?

Find out when you sign up for Trim today.

Mint Mobile

The average person uses 5-6GB of data and spends around $99 a month for a cell phone. So, why should you pay for an unlimited plan?

If you are ready to save hundreds of dollars a year on cellular service, then check out Mint Mobile’s plans. But don’t look for an unlimited plan. Instead, choose one with 3GB, 8GB or 12GB of data.

Mint Mobile offers a great introductory rate for the first three months. The typical customer saves close to $300 a year. I hope you are starting to see how all of these tips can turn into serious savings. 

Now find the right Mobile Mint plan for you and stop paying for data you never use.

Mint Mobile Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Money

Arcadia Power

Feel powerless when it comes to what you pay your power company? Connect with Arcadia Power to tap into savings and renewable energy.

Energy deregulation can be quite confusing. However, if your state has deregulated electricity, Arcadia Power will look for better rates in order to save you money. 

It offers a free plan that will ensure your rates remain the same, with the chance of them going lower. A big benefit of this plan is you will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates.

If you get a charge out of the thought of saving money on your electric bill, head over to Arcadia Power and sign up for their free plan.

Arcardia Power Saving Money and Saving Energy


Are you overpaying for TV, cellular, or internet services?

Let BillShark find out. BillShark will negotiate lower your bills on your behalf. 

Download the app, upload your bills, and BillShark’s negotiators will work on lowering your bills. The average person has saved $300 a year. NBC Nightly News reported on the service, and the family featured on the broadcast saved $2,300. 

To get an idea of how much money BillShark might save you, play with the savings calculator on its website. You will be shocked to see the savings waiting to be had. 

Bill Shark Savings Calculator

You won’t pay for BillShark unless its negotiators can save you money.

Sign up and start saving so you will have more money in your pocket.

Even more resources to help you save money

2. Download These 4 Cash-Collectors 

Budgeting Couple's Ultimate Money Saving Guide

OK, you have a number of strategies to cut expenses, now let’s focus on increasing your income with free money. That’s right, free money for doing things you already do.

Here are our Top 4 money-saving apps you can use to start building cash-back rewards. Do yourself a favor and use them all in conjunction with each other to stack your rewards. This is like stacking coupons in the digital age. Let’s go:

Ibotta ($20 Bonus)

The average Ibotta shopper earns $150 a year. If you would rather the grocery store keep that money, then do nothing. If you want what’s coming to you, download Ibotta.

ibotta savings and cash back deals

Ibotta gets you cash-back on groceries. When you download the app, activate your account, choose the cash-back rewards from your grocery store, use your app at check out, and watch your free money grow. 

Be prepared to go in for what you need and selected, and you will leave the store with a smile on your face when you see how easy it is to earn free cash. 

Ibotta is free to download plus you’ll get a $20 bonus when you claim your first free money offer (within 14 days)!  

Want all of the Ibotta deets? Here’s an in-depth review of Ibotta we think you’ll find interesting. 

Dosh ($1 Bonus)

How does cash back automatically sound to you? You will love using the Dosh app because it pays you in cash, not points. Link your credit and debit cards, and earn cash back when you buy from the thousands of Dosh affiliated stores, restaurants, and online retailers: 

  • Walmart – 3% Cash Back
  • Target – 1.5% Cash Back
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – 7% Cash Back
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Get your first bonus by linking your first credit card, and enjoy how Dosh works automatically.

Download the free Dosh App now and grab a $1 welcome bonus.

We know how important cybersecurity is. Read about how Dosh is safe and secure, and also get the skinny on the app by reading our Dosh review.

Rakuten ($10 Bonus)

When you install the Rakuten (formerly Ebates) Chrome (or Safari) browser “button”, it will open up a world wide web of cash back possibilities. As you shop online, if there is an opportunity to get some cash back, the Rakuten button will alert you. Just click the button to activate the rewards.

Some deals are up to 40 percent cash back. Set it and forget it. Rakuten works on autopilot to get you free money.

Sign up, save, and get paid with Rakuten (and grab your $10 bonus).

Already have an Ebates/Rakuten account?