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You can’t coax me into to doing something I don’t wanna do… not even if the outcome is saving tons of money. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you’re the same way. 

You want ‘saving money’ to be easy, fun, and require virtually zero work on your end—and no, that isn’t too much to ask.

In fact, every tip in this article meets those qualifications. (Lucky you!) Follow these 10+ tips for fun ways to save money.   

11 Fun Ways To Save Money

1. Get Tipsy, Not Broke

The second you uncork a bottle of wine, it begins to oxidize—your fresh, flavorful wine has 3 days before it begins to turn brown and taste like vinegar.

Yes, there are ways to prevent oxidization—buying a vacuum cap, transferring your half bottle of wine into a mason jar, keeping your opened bottle in a cool, dark environment—but it’s too much trouble.

Buy boxed wine. I’m not kidding so hear me out on this. Boxed wine is practical and cheap. It’s practical because wine in a box by design does not get exposed to oxygen.

You’re free to pore yourself a glass at any time knowing what remains will remain fresh—not just for a few days, but for an entire month.  And because each box contains 34 glasses of wine (that’s 6 bottle of wine!), you’ll need your wine to stay fresh for that long. 

2. Ibotta –Easy Cash Back At The Grocery Store

Before driving to the grocery store to buy boxed wine, download Ibotta.

Ibotta is a smartphone app that gives you Cash Back at the grocery store. And yes, a frequent cash-back item is wine—bottled and boxed. 

Is Ibotta legit : Ibotta App Review

In a few weeks, you’ll have an Ibotta wallet full of free money waiting to be spent. Transfer your money into your bank account, or even more fun, redeem your Ibotta money for free gift cards to your favorite retailer, like Starbucks or Amazon. 

At the very least, you should try using Ibotta just one time for their $20 Welcome Bonus. After you receive cash back on your first grocery store item, Ibotta will pay you $20. Not too bad.

And if you end up not liking Ibotta… well… at least you now have enough cash to redeem a Starbucks gift card for 2 free Carmel Macchiato Lattes.  

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psst. Read our Ibotta Welcome Bonus article for exact steps on how to snag $20 from Ibotta. 

3. Library – Your New Favorite Hobby

Do you have a show or movie you’ve been wanting to watch but can’t find it for free on any streaming platform? Go to the library and browse their DVD collection; odds are you’ll find what you’re looking for.  

But don’t stop at the DVDs. Walk through the aisles, leaf through a couple of books (Or if you don’t like reading, check out their audiobooks. Ask the librarian how to download audiobooks straight to your phone using Overdrive). 

Everything on the shelf is yours to walk out the door with. If you haven’t been to the library in a couple years, or a couple decades, you need go. With all the free stuff waiting to be used, you’ll wonder how you stayed away for so long.  

4. SweatCoin – Stay Healthy And Get Paid S100+ Every Month. 

Want to live a long, healthy life? Get outside and take long, brisk walks around the neighborhood—it’s all the cardio your body needs. A body in motion will stay in motion. Start walking now, and you’ll keep your pace up as you get older. 

Need more motivation to get off the couch? Download SweatCoin.

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This smartphone app gives you free money in exchange for the steps you take outside.

If that’s not enough of an incentive to stay healthy, I don’t know what is. 

Click here to download the free SweatCoin App and start making money for walking!

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5. Old games

Still have your previous-generation gaming console? Go online or drive down to GameStop to pick up a few of those games you never got around to playing. They only cost $5 now. 

Or, if you’re a 90’s kid and miss renting games from Blockbuster, try Gamefly. You’ll reclaim your right to try a videogame before buying it.

Plus, with Gamefly, you can keep the game as long as you’d like—no due dates or late fees. Stop spending $60 on a game you might not even like.  

Create your Gamefly account here for a 30-day free trial. 

6. Ebates – Free Money In The Mail

Ebates is probably the most lucrative cash back services we’ve found. When you’re shopping online, Ebates will scan your shopping cart and automatically apply coupon codes to your order, making your bottom-line as cheap as possible.

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But Ebates doesn’t stop there. The second you click Check Out, you get automatic Cash Back on your order. That money gets deposited into your Ebates account, and then every 3 months, you’ll receive a ‘Big Fat Check’ in the mail (or in your PayPal account) with your cash. 

You literally don’t have to do a thing. Just create an Ebates account, shop online like you normally do, and start receiving free money in the mail every three months. 

But! You first need to set up your Ebates account the right way so that it works automatically. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download Ebates Here (You’ll get a free $10 with this qualified link)

Step 2: Download the Ebates Button (This makes Ebates work automatically)

Step 3: Start receiving free money in the mail every 3 months.

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Want ALL the deets on Ebates? Check out our Ebates Review post here.

7. All-Expenses-Paid Shopping Spree

Are your closets and drawers overstuffed with clothes? Sell everything you haven’t worn in ages and reward yourself with an all-expenses-paid shopping spree.

Here are your options: You can sell your clothes to your local thrift shop for fast money, or you can sell your clothes using an online thrift store app. (We recommend Depop.) Just post a picture of your clothes, set a price, and wait.

Eventually, you’ll have a buyer ready to pay top dollar for your ABW clothes.  

8. One-In, One-Out. 

Now that your closet is organized and contains only the clothes you want to wear, start practicing the one-in, one-out rule: when you buy a new shirt, sell an old shirt.

Not only will this maintain your closets organization, but you’ll slowly accumulate money towards your next all-expenses-paid shopping spree.

And of course, every time you make an online purchase you’ll have ALL THE COUPONS, plus cash-back with your free Ebates account 😉

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9. Credit Cards

Pay your credit cards off in full every month, and they will save you $1000+ every year. With a credit card, everything you spend money on—groceries, utilities, gas, dinner, etc.—will be 1-5% off.

Every time you spend money, a little bit of cash finds its way back into your wallet. 

Pro tip: Do not to limit yourself to one credit card. Do you fly at least once a year? Get an airline credit card. Most airline cards offer 2% cash back on plane tickets, one yearly companion ticket (one free, round-trip ticket every year), free checked baggage for your whole family, priority boarding, discounted—or even free—sky lounge access, and smaller convenient perks like lost baggage insurance. 

Do you buy clothes? Of course you do. Get yourself multiple retail credit cards. Not only will you get unbelievable cash back deals (the Express Next credit card offers 14% cash back on every purchase), but you’ll also get exclusive access to deals before the general public (Nordstrom card owners have first dibs on the Nordstrom anniversary sale every year.  

As long as you pay off your credit card in full every month, you will save thousands every year with that valuable piece of plastic. 

10. Dosh – Double Up On Your Credit Card Points

Dosh is a smartphone app that pairs to your credit and debit cards. When you swipe your card, the Dosh app collects cash back automatically.

It’s probably the easiest free-money-earning app my wife and I have ever used.

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The app literally sits on your phone, untouched, collecting money when you swipe your linked card. Then after a few months of spending money like normal, you can open the app and deposit your free money into your bank account. 

To learn more about how Dosh works, read our full Dosh Review.

Otherwise, sign up with Dosh using this link or the button below and receive $1 for free after linking your card. 

dosh app

11. Enjoy Your Money

Money is not a guessing game; it’s a simple and exact science. Spend more than you earn, and you’ll go into debt. Spend less than you earn, and your savings will grow with every paycheck. You know this. You just haven’t had the tools to make it happen. 

A budget is your solution to spending your money the exact right way. Write down your monthly expenses, decide how much money you want to put towards building a savings and paying down debt, and whatever money remains from your paycheck is yours to spend however you’d like—restaurants, shopping, videogames, etc.

What’s more, you can enjoy spending this money because you created a plan to spend less than you earn—you’ve set your money up to grow with every paycheck.

If you want to enjoy your money (and end your paycheck to paycheck lifestyle), spend your money the right way. Learn to budget.

A good first step? Try our Personal Finance Workshop: Roadmap to Financial Success. You’ll learn fundamental financial principles that aren’t necessarily common sense, but absolutely need to be part of your common knowledge.

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What’s more, we’ve tried to make it as fun and entertaining as possible, so I guarantee you will have at least one laugh along the way.

How to stop living paycheck to paycheck free workshop

Alright, those are our 11 FUN ways to save money every single month!

Do you have any creative ways you save money? Let us know in the comments below!

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