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I strongly dislike grocery to make money, make money, save money, money saving app, money saving tips, how to save money, frugal living,

Actually, it may be more of a loath.

From idly standing behind a person who strategically uses their body and cart to block an aisle, to getting to the end of my shopping list only to realize I have forgotten an item on the other side of the store, the experience is maddening.

I needed something to make the process a little more enjoyable so I could brave these typical frustrations.

I needed Ibotta!

Ibotta is a free money-saving (money-making) app that’s been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Forbes, Tech Crunch, and so many more.

The app kind of works similar to a coupon, but instead of getting money off the item (like a coupon), you get money back on your Ibotta account.

You don’t even have to use the app at the grocery store at all, they have tons of stores and online marketplaces to choose from!

If you’ve been on the hunt for an easy money-saving tip and don’t have Ibotta, you MUST get it now.

Click here to download the Ibotta App and receive a $10 cash welcome bonus just for signing up with our link!

Want to know the steps you need  to take to get $20 in bonus cash? Check out our Step-by-step Ibotta Welcome Bonus post here!

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How Does Ibotta Work?

It works just like a mail-in rebate except you don’t have to mail in anything and it works instantaneously.

Just follow these steps:  

  1. Download Ibotta
  2. Before heading to the grocery store, open the app and select (add) the items you will buy at the grocery store
  3. Go to the grocery store and shop like normal (making sure to pick up the items you added)
  4. Checkout like normal (no need to worry about Ibotta yet), but REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!
  5. When you get home, use the Ibotta app to take a picture of your grocery receipt. A few moments later (literally seconds), your Ibotta account will be credited cash!
  6. Redeem your cash with an Amazon gift card, Starbucks Gift Card, Itunes, PayPal, and more.

How easy is that?!

And you also have tons of stores to choose from:

  • Walmart
  • Foodlion
  • Safeway
  • Winco
  • Albertsons
  • Amazon
  • Food4Less
  • Costco
  • Walgreen
  • CVS
  • Duane Rede

 Do I have to buy items I wouldn’t normally buy to earn free money?

Nope! And that’s why I love Ibotta so much!

After writing my weekly grocery list, I only look up those items on Ibotta and usually find something to receive cash back on.

They have endless items to pick from so many different brands. They even have deals on Any Brand items as well!

So if you need to pick up eggs, and there is an Ibotta for “Eggs, Any Brand”, you can pick out your favorite brand eggs and receive cash back for them!

And remember, they are always changing up their offers so go through Ibotta before every shopping trip.

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How much money can I make on Ibotta?

The money-making potential is limitless. Check out my earnings as well as some of my friends I’ve gotten hooked on Ibotta:

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That’s right, one of my friends has made over $3,000 by simply using Ibotta before/after shopping!!! ^^^

But the key to making this kind of money on Ibotta isn’t just through the methods we talked about thus far. Let’s cover some BONUS Ibotta hacks so you can make the most money possible!

Ibotta Hacks

  • Take Advantage of the Ibotta Bonuses

The Ibotta bonuses are where I make most of my money. They are somewhat like challenges: “Complete these objectives and receive a bonus rebate/cash back”:

how to make money, make money, save money, money saving app, money saving tips, how to save money, frugal living,

The bonus above gives you an extra $2.00 for simply redeeming any three offers at any store before a certain date!

When you’re using Ibotta, check your bonus page before unlocking the items you’ll buy at the grocery store.

You’ll know how many deals to look for and can have a game plan to make the most money possible.

  • Get on an Ibotta Team!

When you have friends on Ibotta, you can join forces and make money together.

Every month, each member on your team will get individual objectives as well as group objectives.

If all goals are complete within the allotted time, your whole team makes money together. It keeps Ibotta fun and keeps your motivation up.

My Final Ibotta Review

I love Ibotta. I now have something to look forward to when going to the grocery store instead of dreading the experience altogether.

The ability to make a little bit of money is exactly what I needed to make grocery shopping a much more tolerable experience.

>> Start Receiving Cash Back On Your Groceries (and get a $10 welcome bonus after redeeming your first Offer!) 


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Do you have any money-saving or money-making tips you use during shopping trips? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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